Stingrays News Update - week of 1/6/20

Happy New Year, Stingrays!

We are back in the full swing of things this week after some great swims at the Flint Meet this past weekend! Practices are on the normal schedule this week, and the updated practice schedule is found on the website  here.

Also, it’s January, which means we are heading into the last month before CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON!!! We will be rolling out the job signup for the Clusters Championship (February 8-9) that we host. Just like with our December Meet, each family will be required to volunteer for a minimum of two volunteer slots. Stay tuned for info in the coming week!

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    • Championship apparel
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  • Arena Tech suit fittings will be TOMORROW (Tuesday), January 7 from 5-8pm at North Farmington.
    • Please note that if you are the parent of a 12 and under swimmer, tech suits will no longer be permitted starting September 1, 2020. So, if your child is 11 or younger, any tech suit that you buy will not be able to be used next season. If your child is 12 years old or older, don’t worry about this.
    • Here is the ruling from USA Swimming.
  • Indy swimmers/parents, please be sure to RSVP to Dannette Mateyak regarding team dinner options.

For those of you who like to plan ahead, here’s a sneak peek at what the next several months look like for the Stingray Nation:

  • February 28th is the last day of practice for all swimmers except those attending the following meets:
    • USA 12 & under States (March 6-8)
    • YMCA Zones (March 20-22)
    • YMCA Nationals (March 31-April 4)
  • We will be running a March stroke clinic at the YMCA on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings from 6-7pm going from March 2-27. Information regarding cost and registration can be found at the YMCA!
  • Spring session will be April 13th - May 24th. Practice schedule will be coming in the next couple of weeks for that session. 
  • Summer session will be May 25th - July 31st. Practice schedule for that session won’t be out for a while, but stay tuned!

This week in the pool:

Mini Rays and Bronze Group: We will focus on technique for backstroke and breaststroke this week. Mini rays will continue their work on the backstroke flip turn, and bronze will work on the open turn and breaststroke pullouts. Both groups will review finishes for both backstroke and breaststroke. 

Silver Group: We will get in some technique work to start the new year. Pre-sets will be focused on stroke work, and we will review proper technique for all starts and turns during post-set time. Test sets will resume next week. We are covering all four strokes, both starts, and all the turns this week; if you don’t want to miss anything, you must be at all four practices offered Monday through Friday. 

Gold Group: We will be getting back into aerobic-based training this week, specifically with 200 pace training. Test sets will resume this Wednesday. Toward the end of the week we will get into race-pace 50s and 25s.

Senior Group: We will have Dryland this week on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. We will work on aerobic training with emphasis on stroke rate/tempo. IM exchange turns will also be worked on. Test sets are back this Wednesday. Reminder to make sure you are bringing all of your equipment to each and every practice. Water bottles are required! Also the weather is going to turn colder, please make sure you wear winter coats/parkas and winter hats. We do not need people getting sick during the next phase of training!

Also, now that the holidays are over and the cookies and candy are (most likely) gone, now is the time to focus on healthy eating as we gear up for Championship season! Good eating habits are a great way to stay healthy and perform well!


Have a great week, Stingrays!