WINTERFEST and Welcome to Session 2
Good Evening Bulldog Families!

Welcome to Session 2.  To our new members, welcome aboard.  To our returning members, welcome back!  I hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday Season!  For our returning members, your child MUST be registered for Session 2 immediately.  Failure to do so will now result in your child not being able to enter the pool to swim.  This is for safety and team insurance purposes.

Remind App
To ALL of our members, please ensure you and your family have joined the proper Remind App.  There are three different classes as outlined below.  If you have more than one swimmer that crosses two classes below, please register for both!

Class 1 Name:  BAC Puppy Swim Groups (@bacpuppies).  This group should include Puppy 1, Puppy 2 and Underdog Swim gropus that swim on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Class 2 Name:  BAC Junior Dog Swimmers (@bacjrdogs).  This group should include Jr. Dog and Underdog Swimmers that practice on M/W/F.
Class 3 Name:  BAC Bulldog and Senior Dog Swim Groups (@bacbulldog).  This group should include Bulldogs and Senior Dogs that swim M-F

It’s hard to believe, but the Winterfest Swim Meet is two days away!  This is our team’s ONLY hosted meet of the year and currently our ONLY team fundraiser.  This weekend we will have close to 600 athletes participating in the meet over the course of three days with over 2900 event entries! 

Your behavior at this meet, both as a parent AND a volunteer, is a representation of our team!  Please fulfill your volunteer obligation.  We are no longer accepting changes to the sign up.  If you do not show up for your scheduled volunteer time or cancel at the last minute, you WILL BE CHARGED the buyout fee of $75 per session.  This is non-negotiable.   I realize the items noted below “should” be self-explanatory, but I am outlining each based on past experiences.  Please also keep in mind the following:

1)  As a floater, you MUST still arrive for your scheduled volunteer time, be ready to lend a hand where necessary, and accept any requested task without complaint! 

2)  As a volunteer you are NOT PERMITTED to eat food from, nor hang out in the hospitality room.  The meals and snacks provided are STRICTLY for the coaches and officials attending the meet.  This goes for coffee, waters, food, snacks, etc.  Please don’t require our Hospitality chairs and volunteers to police this room!  There will be a concession stand open in the main hallway should you need to purchase food/beverages.

3)  As a volunteer, you may NOT BE ON DECK, unless you have an ON DECK PASS or a volunteer position which requires you to be on deck.

4)  As a volunteer, you are not entitled to take and distribute a Heat Prize (duck) to your child UNLESS earned in a race!

5)  If a parent or coach from another team comes to you with any questions or concerns, please seek out a Board Member of Volunteer Chair to help guide them in the right direction.

6)  As a member of our team, please be kind, courteous and generally friendly to everyone you encounter this weekend.  Also, please keep in mind that all of our volunteer chairs and the Board of Directors have spent COUNTLESS hours over the course of the last six months preparing for this weekend!  We will also be volunteering our time the entire weekend.  It’s a long, tiring weekend for our team, but one that is an amazing fundraiser and a great opportunity to get to know one another! Please be patient, kind and keep the interest of our swimmers at heart!

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to send me an e-mail or text.
Thanks and see you in Saline!
Amy Brooks