GLT Cares Program - Scholarship

Announcing the introduction of our "GLT Cares" program:

For GLT in 2020, we will be offering a high-school graduating male and female swimmer a $500 scholarship for use towards their college / after school careers. To apply for this, please see the details below.

This year's fundraising work will have a portion going to this to fund. If our fundraising is successful in 2020, additional scholarships will be opened up to give away.

Announcement of the winners will be made at the GLT spring general membership meeting in April (banquet). 

Program ends Feb 28th 2020, so act today!


The applicant swimmer eligible for this scholarship must be in good standing in both general membership and is an active member of the swim team. The selection committee, comprised of the GLT Head Coach, Head Age Group Coach, and President will determine the 3 finalists eligible for the award, with the board voting on who will receive the scholarship

Application Process

  1. Any swimmer ready to graduate that High School year (Senior) may apply for this scholarship, so long as they are in good standing.
  2. The applicant must submit a MAXIMUM 2-page essay on why they feel they deserve this award from GLT. The essay should include the following discussion topics:
    1. Why they are deserving of the award?
    2. How did GLT help make them a better person in life and in the community?
    3. Why GLT is so special in their growth as a young adult?
    4. How will this swimmer pay it forward?
  3. The applicant needs to submit their essay to their group head coach no later than Feb 28th of the graduating year.
  4. The awards will be announced at the spring general membership meeting

Application Review Process

  1. Note: The scholarship will be awarded based upon performance and behavior, in line with GLT’s code of conduct and meeting expectations of the coaching staff. There will be no special consideration given to athletic ability only. Swimmers of GLT will not discriminate based on race, color ethnic origin, national origin, creed, religion, political belief, sex sexual orientation, marital status or age.
  2. In the March board meeting, the Head Coach and GLT President will present to the board 3 candidates eligible for the scholarship. The board will vote and decide on who is most deserving of the award based off of merit and contributions to society.
  3. Funding for this program will be created thru Fundraisers. Poor financial performance years for the club may mean the scholarship program can be suspended until fiscal health of the club is achieved.
  4. Announcement of the award will be made during the spring general membership event of the same year.

Scholarship Recipient Responsibilities

  1. Recipients and their family members are required to comply with all GLT team guidelines.
  2. Failure to comply with code of conduct rules and performance requirements established by the coaching staff will result in termination of application.