PST Booster Club Nominations/Meeting 1/18 @ 8am

Please join us this Saturday (1/18) from 8am-10am, upstairs in Room #3 for a very important PST Booster Club meeting. The PST Booster Club will be voting on new board members and is currently looking for nominations. ALL parents/gaurdians are members of the Booster Club, and as such all parents/gaudians are encouraged to attend and any parent/gaurdian can serve on the Board. If you know anyone who is intrested in being nominated for one or more of the positions listed below, please email me, Coach Terrell Woods at I will be updating this list as nominations come in. Nomintations will also be accepted from the floor at the meeting. This is a VERY important process that will help shape the future of our team! Booster Club Responsibities can be found at the bottom of this page.

President - Rosa Ros, Benjamin Cupid

Vice President - Rosa Ros, Benedict Cupid, Nicole Finneran, Michelle Juskiewicz

Treasurer - Rosa Ros, Benedict Cupid,  Nicole Finneran, Michelle Juskiewicz, Shane Gayle, John Strype, Sandy Parsotan

Secretary - Idelsa Ayala, Rosa Ros, Benedict Cupid,  Nicole Finneran, Michelle Juskiewicz, Kym Wampler

At Large (four positions open) - Rose Chang, Idelsa Ayala, Benedict Cupid, Rosa Ros,  Nicole Finneran, Michelle Juskiewicz, Kym Wampler, Rob Juskiewicz, Robert Ros, Richard Wampler, Avril Gill, Shane Gayle, John Strype, Sandy Parsotan, Evelyn Ortega, Spoorthy Madralli Kailas, James Ross

Booster Club Meet Responsibilities Info