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RENO News - 1/13/20

Good Afternoon,

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Please read through this email for important Reno Aquatic Club news.

Upcoming Practices

Due to the Carson City swim meet and Martin Luther King Junior Day, we have some minor adjustments to the upcoming schedule:

Friday, January 17 – Normal schedule for White and Blue group; NO practice for Orange, Pre-Senior, Senior, and National

Saturday, January 18 – Normal schedule for Mini RENO; NO practice for Orange, Pre-Senior, Senior, and National

Monday, January 20 – NO practice for any group

Swimmer and Parent Meetings

There are a few upcoming parent meetings for certain groups. Please note the following:

Pre-Senior Parent Meeting - Monday, January 13 at 5:30 PM

Orange Parent Meeting - Tuesday, January 14 at 5:00 PM

White Parent Meeting - Tuesday, January 14 at 5:00 PM

Blue Parent Meeting - Tuesday, January 14 at 7:20 PM

All meetings will take place at Northwest Pool.

Next Meet: Blizzard Blast in Carson City, January 17 – 19

The Blizzard Blast swim meet is this weekend. I will be sending out another email this week with more information on the meet. Please be on the lookout.

Zone-4 All Star Team

There has been a change to the application process for the Zone-4 All Star Team. Last week, Zone 4 voted to modify the eligibly requirements for this year’s all-star team. The new requirement is a swimmer must have one BB time and two B times. This change will allow more swimmers the opportunity to participate in the meet. 

In addition, the deadline to mail an application has been pushed back to Friday, January 17. The hand-deliver deadline is still 2 PM on Sunday, January 19 at the all-star desk at the Blizzard Blast.

The annual Zone-4 Pacific All Star meet will take place Saturday February 29 – Sunday, March 1 in Santa Clara, CA. The coaching staff would like to see all eligible RENO swimmers apply to be a part of this all-star team. This meet is a great opportunity for our swimmers to do a travel meet and get to know other swimmers from our area. 

If you are wondering if your child meets the time standard requirement, you can pull up your child’s best times in the USA Swimming Database by clicking here.

Then you can see if they meet the one BB and two B times by referencing the USA Swimming Age Group Motivational Times.   Click here for BB time standards (please be sure you are looking at the right course – long course is page one; short course yards is page two.)

You will need to fill out the all-star application and either mail it with a postmark of Friday, January 17 or hand deliver to the all-star desk at the Blizzard Blast in Carson Sunday by 2 PM on Sunday, January 19.

Click here for the all-star application and for more information.

If you have any questions or are unsure if your child is eligible, please let me know.

DDST Age Group Open

The next meet after the Blizzard Blast will be February 7 – 9 in Minden, NV. Just like the Blizzard Blast, the coaches will be recommending the events for each swimmer. Starting next week, we will have a handout with the events for your child. I want to wait until after the Blizzard Blast for our coaches to recommend the events. 

Please do not register until you have received the recommended events for your child. Thank you!

Parent Education

The coaching staff has been emphasizing the importance of the swimmers being good teammates to one another. While this is an ongoing process, I do feel we are making some positive progress. It’s important for swimmers to be good teammates, but we also need good parent-teammates in order for the team to be succesful. Here’s a great article from TrueSport describing characteristics of a good parent-teammate.

"Characteristics of A Good Parent-Teammate

The athlete’s job is clear. They are there to work hard, have fun, learn and grow. The coach’s job is also straightforward. He or she is the leader, organizer and teacher. It’s their role to develop the athletes and design a safe and effective plan for the season. 

So where exactly does that leave you, the parent? 

Chauffeur? Fan? Financier? Support network? What is the very best way for you to support the coach, your athlete, and their teammates? 

A good parent-teammate...

·       Supports their athlete unconditionally 

·       Helps the coach or officials when asked 

·       Leaves the coaching to the coach 

·       Focuses on cheering for the things players do well 

·       Lets the experience be the athlete’s 

·       Keeps their emotions under control 

Good parent-teammates do not...

·       Overemphasize winning, championships, or a career in sports 

·       Rush their athlete through into more serious training before they are ready 

·       Use the car ride home to do an in-depth game analysis 

·       Undermine or override the coach’s decisions 

·       Look for things to criticize 

·       Get involved in practice without being asked 

·       Drink alcohol before or during their child’s athletic events 

Being a good teammate to your child requires patience, self-control, and a clear focus on your athlete’s best interest. Before enrolling your child in a sport program, ask yourself if you are ready to take a step back and embrace a more hands-off role as a “sideline teammate” to your child. 

Questions to Ask Yourself

But before you take on this role, author Al Rosen suggests you ask yourself the following questions as honestly as you can: 

·       Do my family and I have the time necessary to support the commitment my child is making to the team? 

·       Am I ready to share my child’s sport experience with others? 

·       Am I willing to accept the coach’s authority as team leader? 

·       Can I appropriately handle the frustration and disappointment my child may experience? 

·       Is my child playing for a supportive, team-minded coach? 

Answering yes to these means not only will you be there for them, you’ll be setting an example on how they can be a good teammate to the other kids, too." – TrueSport

Each week, I update the Parent Education section on our website with the newest article.  Please click here to access it.

Meet Schedule

Our spring meet schedule is posted.  Please click here for the full schedule.

Here are the upcoming meets:

January 17 - 19 - Blizzard Blast in Carson City (all)

February 7 - 9 - DDST Age Group Open in Minden (all)

February 27 - March 1 - CA/NV Senior Sectionals in Carlsbad, CA (all qualified)

February 29 - March 1 - Pacific Zone All-Star Meet in Santa Clara, CA (all selected)

March 13 - 15 - Pacific Junior Olympics in Santa Clara, CA (all 14-under qualified)

March 16 - 22 - Spring break for Senior/National Groups -- NO practice

March 21 - 22 - NNA Age Group Open in Reno (all non-HS swimmers who did not go to JOs)

March 23 - 29 - Spring Break for Pre-Senior groups and below -- NO practice

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Thank you,