Junior Frostbite this weekend - more details

The annual Junior Frostbite camp runs this weekend. This is a developmental camp made up of long, instructional swim sessions focused on the fundamentals of each stroke. The camp is for Cubs, Sharks and some Belugas. Please talk to your coach to find out whether and which events your child should attend (though I have some general advice from coach Carol below). 

The camps run: 

  • Friday, 4-6:30 pm - Freestyle
  • Saturday, 6-9 am (7-9 for Belugas) - Backstroke
  • Sat, 3-5 pm - Breaststroke
  • Sunday, 6-9 am (7-9 for Belugas) - Butterfly

Sharks and above should make as many of the sessions as possible (but don't feel obligated to miss other commitments, including birthday parties). Belugas will likely want to attend Friday and one of Saturday's sessions.  

Carol's advice to parents of Belugas: "Each kid has a different attention span and different abilities. If your kid is overtired, don't send them, because it's enough. If they have no interest in swimming butterfly because they didn't get introduced to it yet, no they don't need to go. We want them to feel good about what they're going to learn and accomplish."

Regularly scheduled swimming is cancelled during Frostbite weekend. 

Also: this is the weekend where kids usually do a frostbite swim, i.e. rolling around in snow then jumping in the pool. That didn't happen last weekend with the senior swimmers due to the extreme cold. Let's see what the weather holds.