UASC Thomas Ray's Frogman Swim

Thomas Ray Swims for a Good Cause in Tampa Bay

Thomas Ray, a Junior at Upper Arlington High School in Columbus, Ohio and long-time member of the Upper Arlington Swim Club participated in a 5K Open Water Swim across the Tampa Bay to raise money for the NAVY SEAL FOUNDATION on January 12, 2020.



The mission of the Navy SEAL Foundation is simple - "Honoring our warriors.  Supporting their families" and 100% of your money will go to the Foundation to support those who have lost a loved one.

Thomas has always respected and admired the SEALS.  Their dedication, commitment, loyalty and bravery is incredible.  In response to supporting this great cause, with your help, he was able to raise $7,500.

Over the past 10 years, the Tampa Bay Frogman Swim has raised over $3 million dollars for the Foundation.

From Thomas:

 I'm feeling good and want to thank everyone who has dontated to this great cause.  With that in mind, I want to post a letter that I recently read.... this is why the SEAL Foundation is important & I am swimming on Sunday.  Thank you again for your support.  Thomas Ray

"One moment you are living the best life and in the next it comes crashing down, this was how it was for me. The night of 15 August 2012, I spoke to my husband in Afghanistan saying I love you as we got off messenger and then went to bed. The next morning my world shattered in to pieces. I was informed Patrick had been killed when his helicopter was shot down. Twenty four hours later I was in Maryland with his family lost and drowning in grief. I hadn't packed what I needed and didn't know what to do or where to turn. That is when Navy SEAL Foundation (NSF) first stepped in to our lives. NSF ensured I had what I needed , flew in other members from Naval Special Warfare , and even flew us to the funeral of the other SEAL killed with Patrick. They stepped in during the first moments and have remained beside us from that moment forward. NSF made it possible to attend resiliency retreats, file my taxes the first year, helped with rent when I moved across the country, and provided heath and wellness stipends. When I moved in to the first house I've ever owned, a dream of Pat's and mine, they were there too. The house needed repairs and more things kept coming up. I felt so overwhelmed, alone, and angry Pat wasn't here like he was supposed to be. I called NSF feeling so ashamed I couldn't do this on my own and was told "you have no reason to be ashamed, this is what we are here for, you are never alone". That statement sums up what NSF provides, we are never alone, our warriors are never forgotten, nor are the loved ones they leave behind. NSF supports from day one through the remainder of our lives, always there, always ready and willing to ensure no one is ever alone."- Emily Feeks