Friday Practice

Due to the incoming weather, I am joining the bandwagon and canceling practice for tonight. And I was really looking forward to working on starts and turns....

As it is suppose to warm up over the evening with rain, so far, the YOSI meet is still occurring as scheduled for tomorrow. My plan is to leave at 6:15. I do try to get there a few minutes before the swimmers do. I will check my email a few times tomorrow morning as I am getting ready and check road conditions. If I get any word that things have changed or been cancelled, I will send out a quick email letting you know that as soon as I learn about it. 

So, if you are going tomorrow, please check your email before you leave the house and you may also check the website as MOST of the time, I post information under the news tab so that if someone misses my email, the information is available. I will do that if any changes need to be made. No one should risk life or limb to go tomorrow, but hopefully we will all be ready to get out ot the house after being shut in all day today!

I have updated our website will all of the lane assignments and entry reports, etc.... but I will hit the highlights so you don't have to open it all unless you want too!

Concession Stand is available, but there is no ATM. B&B is suppose to be onsite.

Session 2: 8&U, 13 & Up

Please arrive no later than 7:45. Warm ups are in lane 6 at 8:00-8:20. 

We have no timers we are required to provide with the EXCEPTION of our swimmer in the 1000 Free. We need to provide a counter as well as 2 timers for that swimmer. The counter can be an older swimmer, and most often is. I can teach them out to do it. It would be a great opportunity for younger swimmers to see a longer race than we typically do and how that works. The race itself should take 12-14 minutes. If you have kids in some of the last events and can help out for a few minutes while the kids shower and change, that would be super helpful.

Sesson 3 Swimmers ages 9-12

Please be there at 1:45. warm-up is in lane 5 at 2:00-2:20.

Session 4: No Swimmers from WWFY


Swimmers ages 9-12.

Please be there before 1:05. Warm-ups begin at 1:20-1:40.