Parent meeting roundup and championship qualifiers

Thanks to everyone for making the time to come out this week for parent meetings.  It was a great opportunity for the coaching staff, along with myself, to connect with parents on the club.  We know your time is valuable and we appreciate you setting aside time to meet with us, hear a little bit more about Aulea and share your questions about the club.  Thank you to all, including the parents who couldn't attend but reached out to let us know and ask questions they had.  Many of the questions centered around upcoming meets. 

Here is the current list of our age group championship qualifers, which is being held from February 20th-23rd at UH Manoa: (Events that are not highlighted are the events that swimmers can race).  As a reminder, swimmers in the 10-under, 11-12 and 13-14 age group can all do up to 2 bonus events.  Because the meet is on island, we will be looking to pull in some relay only swimmers so we can enter a relay in all of the age groups (some age groups have B relays this time around!)

Here is the current list of all our junior age group championship qualifiers, which is being held from February 29th-March 1st at VMAC:

Swimmers may do any events that are not highlighted.  There are no bonus events at JAGs.  As a special note, swimmers MAY not do individual events at both meets.  This is a BRAND NEW rule.  All swimmers that qualify for age group championships will be entered in to age group champs rather than junior age group champs.  Swimmers may do relays at age group champs and still swim at junior age group champs (and vice-versa).

All relevant time standards can  be found at and we have also linked to them on the Aulea website:

As a final reminder, after this weekend there are 2 more chances to qualify for Age Group Champs or JAG's.

February 1st: A+ meet at VMAC (must have at least one A time to participate)

February 8th: Open meet on Kauai (anyone may swim).  This meet was added to give any swimmer that isn't qualified for 02/01 or can't make it on 02/01 the opportunity to swim.

February 8th: Senior meet at UH Manoa (for older swimmers that have made senior time standards) 

Finally, if your swimmers does not qualify for this round of championship meets, that is perfectly fine!  We know some swimmers have just started, are coming off injuries, are adjusting to a new age group, etc. The champs meets will happen again this summer in long course.  And we will be going to a BC meet on 03/28 at VMAC to kick off the qualification process for all summer meets!

Thanks for taking the time to read this email and Go Aulea!  If anything here is unclear or there are any questions, please feel free to reach out to me via email and I can answer them or we can set up an appointment in person if needed.  

Happy Streamlines and Go Aulea!

Coach Joe