ORG Medals at Steel City Inv'l

Congratulations to ORG Steel City, PA Competitors, Parents & Coaches!!

The new venue was great!  You all braved the snow and meet delays, and a thank you to traveling Coach Charlene!!

  • Adele, Level 4 '11, 2nd Rope, 5th Rope Overall
  • Alice, Level 4 '11, 3rd Ball, 3rd AA, first travel competition!!
  • Claire, Level 5 '09, 2nd All events, 2nd AA, 5th AA Overall
  • Aria, Level 5 '11, 2nd Hoop, 3rd Clubs, 3rd AA
  • Ivana, Level 6 '07, 1st AA, 1st Ribbon, 4th Ribbon Overall
  • Elizabeth '07, Level 6, 1st Floor, 1st Rope, 1st Ball, 2nd AA
  • Emma, Level 6 '07, 3rd Ball 3rd Ribbon, 3rd AA
  • Giulia, Level 7 '05, 1st AA, 3rd Ball Overall, 5th AA Overall
  • Jackie, Level 8 '05, 1st AA, 1st Overall Ball, 7th AA Overall
  • Ava, Level 8 '07, 2nd Clubs, 2nd Ribbon, 3rd AA, 2nd Overall Ribbon
  • Chloe, Level 8 Sr, 1st AA, 3rd Overall Floor, 5th Overall Clubs
  • Lily, Level 9 Sr, 3rd Hoop, 3rd Clubs
  • Reese, Level 9 Sr, 4th Ribbon, 5th Hoop