Weekly Update 1-20-20

Weekly Update 1-20-20

Upcoming Meetings / Dates:

  • CPSC Swim-o-Rama will be on Saturday, January 25.  We are planning to start things at 5:00 pm and it will last until 10:00 pm. 
    • Doors will open and swimmer will check in starting at 5:00 pm.  Bronze & Silver swimmers need to be checked in NO LATER than 5:25 pm.
    • Bronze and Silver swimmers will swim their laps from 5:30-6:30 pm
    • Gold and Platinum swimmers will swim their laps from 6:45-8:45 pm
    • After each of the groups have finished their swims, there will be time for games and playing until 10:00 pm
    • All swimmers must be picked up no later than 10:15 pm

Upcoming Deadlines / Meet Sign Ups:

  • WTSC Groundhog Invitational @ North Central High School, Indianapolis, IN
    • We have been accepted into the meet. 
    • We really need EVERY swimmer to sign up and attend this season ending championship meet.
    • Deadline to register, either commit, decline, or adjust, is Friday, January 24th 
    • This meet is open to ALL of our club swimmers and ENCOURAGED for all
    • Once the deadline passes, no additions or deletions will be made…..please sign up now if you intend on having your swimmer swim and DO NOT MISS the registration
    • Starting this season the championship is slightly different in that swimmers can swim up to 5 individual events and 1 relay or 4 individual events and 2 relays.  This was done to give all the swimmers more opportunities to achieve Divisional or State championship cuts to continue their seasons.
    • Please try to attend as there is only one session for each age group and not multiple sessions or days.
    • We will need volunteer timers for each session.  We need to provide two each session.  If you would to help with a front row seat, please denote that in the “Notes” section at the time of registering your swimmer.  Please let me know how many timers you can help with and the names, so that I can provide that to the meet host.
  • CPSC “Leapin’ to Your Cuts” Time Trial @ Crown Point High School
    • This meet is open to ALL of our club swimmers
    • The intent of this meet is for last second opportunity for swimmers who are close to achieving either the Divisional or State Championship cuts.
    • For a time trial, there will be a sign up and swimmers will be allowed to choose what they swim at this meet.  Entries will be limited to USA Swimming regulations for Time Trials.
    • As soon as the meet information is available, an email will be sent out to all members.

Miscellaneous Reminders:

    • In order for the staff to allow the swimmers who wish to test into the next level groups, swimmers must have maintained a minimum of 65% attendance by the end of the season, prior to the testing days, in order to be allowed to test.
    • Testing days will be Friday, February 7, and Wednesday, February 12, during the regularly scheduled practices.
    • The stands will be closed to ALL parents (even those whose swimmers are not testing) during these two testing days so as not to add additional pressure on the swimmers.  Parents will be welcome to sit and wait in the hallway for the swimmers to pick up after practices.
  • CONGRATULATIONS TO THOSE SWIMMERS WHO HAVE ACHIEVED THEIR Divisional and/or Age Group State cuts this past weekend at Lake Central….
    • New Age Group State Cuts:  Taylor Gleason (200 Free, 50 Breast), Izzy Bahr (200 Free), Bella Tufts (100 Back, 200 Back), Eliza Nuet (200 Fly), and Riley Copper (100 Free)
    • New Divisional Cuts:  Paetyn Biancotti (500 Free, 50 Free, 100 Free), Liam Gubbins (500 Free, 200 Breast), William Tarin (500 Free, 200 IM), Faith Choi (100 Breast), Braelynn Jones (100 Back, 50 Breast), Niki Petkov (50 Free), Aubrey Geleott (100 Free), Collin Bood (50 Back, 100 Free), and Alexis Paape (100 Breast)
  • Current List of Senior State Qualifiers:
    • Jordan Artim, Kaitlin Gardner, Leo Gonzalez, Alex McCormick, Tyler Tennione, and Abbie Werner
  • Current List of Age Group State Qualifiers:
    • Izzy Bahr, Lucas Barnes, Riley Copper, Taylor Gleason, Sophia Himden, Maggie Morse, Eliza Nuet, Grace Stimac, Carter Trippeer, and Bella Tufts
      • Relay qualifiers are not listed as relays are fluid until the last Invitational (WTSC Groundhog Invitational)
  • Current List of Divisional Qualifiers:
    • Jordan Artim, Emma Bahr, Izzy Bahr, Walter Bahr, Jackson Barnes, Lucas Barnes, Addison Batey, Ethan Beishuizen, Paetyn Biancotti, Collin Bood, Faith Choi, Allison Cicero, Maggie Cicero, Morgan Cicero, Nolan Cicero, Aiden Coetzee, Riley Copper, Anja Davchevski, Abby Donahue, Matthew Dumbsky, Andy Dyba, Kaitlin Flewelling, Kaitlin Gardner, GG Gatley, Aubrey Geleott, Brayden Gilman, Colin Gingerich, Taylor Gleason, Leo Gonzalez, Max Gouliaev, Aidan Gubbins, Liam Gubbins, Nori Gubbins, Lily Hajek, Kyle Harvey, Sophia Himden, Aly Hoover, Ava Hubster, Braelynn Jones, Hannah Jordan, Kristian Kirilov, Aleks Kostic, Ryan Kozlowski, Rachel Krick, Carly Kruit, Kylie LaChapelle, Christopher Letcher, Leilani Lyles, Alex McCormick, Kennedy Minter, Ruby Monroe, Holden Morse, Maggie Morse, Andi Murry, Josh Murry, Pablo Nieto, Bela Nuet, Eliza Nuet, Collin Oleksuik, Alexis Paape, Jonah Peterson, Niki Petkov, Emma Smith, Jackson Smith, Eva Sokolova, Grace Stimac, Jenna Stout, Jessa Stout, William Tarin, Tyler Tennione, Alex Tothfalusi, Kyle Tothfalusi, Carter Trippeer, Bella Tufts, Nate Tufts, Eve Ulloa, Kailana Urbanek, and Abbie Werner
    • UPCOMING…… Week of January 19th-25th  
      • Ema Dimoski – 9 – 1/19
      • Ryan Kozloski – 17 – 1/24
      • Nico Spanos – 7 – 1/22
      • Eli Spasevski – 10 – 1/20
      • Jenna Stout – 12 – 1/23
    • Week of January 26th - February 1st
      • Anja Davchevski – 11 – 1/31
      • Ruby Monroe – 15 – 1/29
      • Alex Tothfalusi – 10 – 1/27
      • Kyle Tothfalusi – 10 – 1/27
      • Kaia Van Sessen – 11 – 1/30
      • Lily Hajek – 11 – 2/1