Current Session 3 - EXTENSION!

EXTENSION of Session 3 - Now available ONLINE.

With both Spring Break at the end of March & our National Swim meet taking many of our instructors to Florida the week before - we are forced to close down for 2 weeks at the end of March.  When we normally would be starting the next session. This news does not effect your current registration in Session 3!  

We decided to offer 2 more weeks in the beginning of March to compliment the current Session 3. TOTALLY OPTIONAL!

You will NEED TO REGISTER ONLINE for this extension.  Just like you would any other new session.  We will need to reduce the number of spots offered for this 2 week extension - first come first serve!  Please register early if you are interested in extending your current session leading into Spring Break.  Session 4 (March 30-May 2) will be available online after pool schedules have been confirmed.  COMING SOON!

Questions or Conerns, Please email Jennifer Keller at