MA Championship Meets


Our Champs Season is quickly approaching, and we want to communicate a few things regarding Champs.

  • We expect all EMAC Swimmers to compete in at least one champs meet. 
  • We encourage swimmers to compete in multiple champs meets.

It is in the best interest of the swimmers for them to compete in as many events as possible in a championship format.  Because there are event limitations at each championship meet, this likely necessitates attending multiple meets to maximize end-of-season opportunities.   Please see the eligibility report below to get an idea of what meets your swimmer will be attending. 

Swimmers should attend the combination of meets that gives them the most events possible.  In some cases, swimmers may swim Bronze, Silvers, and JO’s.  More commonly, however, swimmers would attend a Bronze/Silvers combination or a Silvers/JO’s combination.

If you cannot attend multiple meets, please contact either Coach Doug or Coach Seth and we can discuss which meet would serve as the best end-of-season meet for your swimmer.



Feb 27 – Mar 1                   MA Junior Olympics @ York                              JO TIME STANDARDS

March 1                               EMAC Rested and Ready (Ages 15 and over)

March 7 and 8                     MA Bronze champs @ NPAC                           BRONZE CHAMPS TIME STANDARDS

March 14, 15                       MA Mini Champs @ Emmaus                         No Time Standards For Mini Champs

March 20-22                        Silver Champs @ UDAC                        SILVER CHAMPS TIME STANDARDS

March 26-29                        Senior Champs @ F&M, Lancaster                   SENIOR CHAMPS TIME STANDARDS

March 26-29                        Speedo (LCM) Sectionals @ Buffalo                  SECTIONALS TIME STANDARDS


Junior Olympics

  • The EMAC Registgration deadline for this meet is Feb 12
  • All JO Swimmers should plan on attending two champs meets.
  • If swimmers have a few swims at JO’s, they should also be swimming at Silver Champs. They may compete at Senior Champs as well if they are qualified.
  • Swimmers with many JO cuts should also swim Silver Champs in their “off-events.”  If they never swim “off-events” at a main meet, they may never get cuts in those events. 

EMAC Rested and Ready

  • This meet is only for HS Swimmers ages 15 and over who also have a USA Swimming Registration.
  • The goal in this meet is to capitalize on their level of readiness for districts by giving them more opportunities within their readiness window.

Bronze Champs

  • The EMAC Registration Deadline for this meet is Feb 12
  • In the past, for swimmers aged 14 and younger, if you didn’t make Silvers you automatically made Bronze.   That’s not true this year.  To control the size of the meet, Middle Atlantic Swimming added a bottom cut for Bronze Champs this year.  Swimmers now must qualify for Bronze Champs. 
  • Swimmers who qualify for Silver Champs at Bronze Champs are no longer able to advance to Silvers in those events.
  • Bronze Champs is only for swimmers ages 14&U.  There are no events for 15&O at Bronze Champs.
  • Swimmers who qualify for both events at Bronze and events at Silvers should compete in both Bronze and Silvers.

Mini Champs

  • The EMAC Registration Deadline for this meet is Feb 12
  • This is the second-ever MA Mini Champs, hoseted here at EMAC! 
  • We are co-hosting this meet with BLUE.

Silver Champs

  • The EMAC Registration Deadline for this meet is Jan 30. 
  • 15&O swimmers who do not qualify for Senior Champs automatically qualify for Silver Champs.
  • Swimmers who qualify for Senior Champs at Silver Champs may enter and compete at Senior Champs.
  • Swimmers 14&U must have times that are faster than Bronze and Slower than JO in each event that they enter. 
  • Swimmers who qualify for events at both Silvers and JO should participate in both meets.
  • Swimmers who qualify for events at both Silvers and Bronze should participate in both meets.
  • Swimmers who qualify for events at Bronze, Silvers, and JO, should compete in the combination of meets that give them the most events to swim.

Senior Champs and Speedo Sectionals

  • The EMAC Registration Deadline for these meets is March 8
  • This summer USA Swimming is combining the US Open and Jr Nationals, providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for newly-qualified Summer Jr. National Qualifiers to attend the "US Open."  We currently have several swimmers closing in on the Summer Jr National cuts, and we are going to take a shot at those cuts by attending the LCM Speedo Sectionals.  We also have many swimmers looking to get a head-start on a crucial Long Course season who will be attending this meet.
  • Swimmers qualified for Speedo Sectionals need to make a choice between Sr Champs and Speedo Sectionals