Polar pups, swimsuit order

Two quick things:

Polar Pups resumes Feb. 3. (And not today as previously planned. We want to make sure our coaches are free and not tied up with writing exams.) The program will run M/W/F for the whole month of February and end with a tiny swim meet on March 6. As usual, reach Coach Carol for detailed questions. 

Jenna has investigated the possiblity of ordering more Polar Bear branded swimsuits. We need to order 12 to get a reasonable price. Is anyone interested? If so, please email ykpolarbears@gmail.com. 

It would be the same options as last time: 

Female Suits (with screenprint club logo):
Speedo Endurance+ Proback suits in Navy: $72.00
Speedo Endurance+ Flyback suits in Navy with white piping $72.00
Male Suits (with screenprint club logo):
Speedo Endurance+ Jammers in Navy: $60.00
Thx all.