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Mixed 11-12 200 yd. Freestyle Relay

Dominick Narduzzi, Kayra Mayer (not pictured), Saniya Malik, Richard Fadeev (not pictured)


Mixed 10 & U 200 yd. Freestyle Relay
Basil Glacken, Emily Katt, Allie Krsmanovic (not pictured), Thomas Giroux


Mixed 10 & U 200 yd. Medley Relay
Jules Piano, Devon Gleeson, Emily Katt, Tommy Wozniak


Mixed 10 & U 200 yd. Freestyle Relay
Nicola Formon, Thomas Giroux, Tommy Wozniak, Brianna Marion


Mixed 10 & U 200 yd. Medley Relay
Madelyn Hand, Devon Gleeson, Nicola Formon, Tommy Wozniak


Mixed 11-12 200 yd. Freestyle Relay

Kayla Marion, Martin Castro-Salazar (not pictured), Lucille Andre, Charlie Kulp


Mixed 11-12 200 yd. Medley Relay
Charlie Kulp, Kayla Marion, Lucille Andre, Martin Castro-Salazar (not pictured)


Mixed 13-14 200 yd. Freestyle Relay

Kate Curran, Delaney Moynihan, Erik Hole, Ali Iloglu


Mixed 13-14 200 yd. Medley Relay
Erin Barisonek, Delaney Moynihan, Ryan O'Day (not pictured), Ali Iloglu


Mixed 15-18 200 yd. Medley Relay
Jerry O'Mara, Gavin Formon, Sophia Toomey, Tamsin Formon


Mixed 15-18 200 yd. Freestyle Relay

Isabella Hole, Tamsin Formon, Chris Fabian, Allen Zhu


Mixed 15-18 400 mtr. Medley Relay
Teodora Kolarov, Gavin Formon, Clarissa Sabin, Christopher Fabian


Mixed 13-14 400 mtr. Medley Relay

Dylan Zwally, Delaney Moynihan, Lucille Andre, Leon Liu


Mixed 11-12 400 mtr. Medley Relay

Kayla Marion, Tobin Huang, Madeline Crawford, Burak Iloglu


Mixed 15-18 400 mtr. Freestyle Relay
Allen Zhu, Olivia Richardson-Bozzo, Roan Baker, Devin Genderson


Mixed 13-14 400 mtr. Freestyle Relay

Leon Liu, Ali Iloglu, Kate Curran, Delaney Moynihan


Mixed 11-12 400 mtr. Freestyle Relay

Burak Iloglu, Kayla Marion, John Cuzzocrea (not pictured), Madeline Crawford



Mixed 10 & U 400 mtr. Freestyle Relay
Madelyn Hand, Nicola Formon, Devon Gleeson, James Krawiec)     


Mixed 15-18 200 mtr. Freestyle Relay

Gavin Formon, Teodora Kolarov, Christopher Fabian, Clarissa Sabin


Mixed 13-14 200 mtr. Freestyle Relay
Leon Liu, Jonah Kim (not pictured), Kate Curran, Delaney Moynihan


Mixed 11-12 200 mtr. Freestyle Relay
Kayla Marion, Burak Iloglu, Youssef Elnawawi, Mari Finkelstein


Mixed 10 & Under 200 mtr. Freestyle Relay
Madelyn Hand, Brianna Marion, Devon Gleeson, James Krawiec