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Team Shirt & Hat Order and Team Gear

Y Hub Fins Team Merchandise

We are doing another t-shirt/sweatshirt order for our team!
CLICK HERE for the order form and to view the shirts. 
***Please note, the t-shirts run about one size too small, so it is a good idea to order a size larger, unless you prefer a tighter fit.  For anyone who has a shirt that is too small from the last order that has not been worn and would like to order a size larger, please email Coach Addy at [email protected]  Be sure to include in your email what size you previously ordered and what size you would like to get instead.  I can then take back your original shirt for an exchange.    

We now have team hats available to order.
CLICK HERE for the order form and to view the hat.

Order forms for both the shirts/sweatshirts and the hats are due by
Friday January 31st

Please turn in your form with payment to the front desk.  You can pay there with cash, check or credit card.  
We will also have forms on the pool deck for you to fill out from January 27th through January 31st.

Team Store Items:
We now have team parkas, warm ups and a team backpack along with our team suit!  These items are NOT required for you to purchase but are now available for our team!  Please note colors: when ordering the backpack, the team backpack should be the Heather  Grey/Black.  There are several color choices, but if you want to have the team colored backpack, choose Heather Grey/Black.  The team parka and warm ups should be the red option, while the team suit is black with orange.  

Embroidery Options:
For those who have purchased or plan to purchase the team parka, warm up jacket or backpack, we now have a place for you to take your items to get our team logo and an optional name on your swimmer’s gear.  CLICK HERE for information on where to take your items for embroidery, once you get them from our online team store.    

For the team store, go to