LCSC Coho Update 25 January 2020

LCSC Coho Update             25 January 2020

Schedule Update
Week of January 27: All practices to run as scheduled through Thursday (Jan. 30).  
Polar Plunge schedule for Friday/Saturday/Sunday.
Week of February 3: No practice on Monday, Feb. 3: a day of rest following the Polar Plunge.  Tuesday night practices revert to one practice session only, 5:30-7:30 p.m. (dryland, 4:30-4:50 p.m.) All other practices to run as scheduled.  (Thank you in advance to all members of Team Coho for another well-executed invitational!)
Week of February 10: All practices to run as scheduled.

Coho Art Contest Update
Thank you to all of our young Coho artists!  Designs from over 20 swimmers are posted at the pool.  Final design contest winners will be announced following the Polar Plunge Invitational. 

Silicone Cap Order: Due February 2, 2020
LCSC coaches will submit an order for team silicone caps at the end of the Polar Plunge.  Caps must be ordered in pairs: personalized caps are $32/pair; generic team caps are $26/pair.  (LCSC supplies swimmers with 2 latex team caps per year as part of registration with the team.) Accounts will be billed in February; caps may be expected to arrive at the end of February.

MAAPP Information for Parents and Swimmers
All parents are required to read and acknowledge reading USA Swimming’s Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy.  Please contact our safety chair, Elberta Dziobak, with any questions.  MAAP Policy (Please Read)-

Account Billing Update
Coaches are responsible for billing accounts for swim meets, social events, and special equipment (silicone team caps, etc.).  Families may expect these billings at the end of January: Snowball Splash entries, BAC Winterfest entries, and the Coho holiday bowling party.  

Racing Update
Outstanding swims at the BAC Winterfest:
Adam Bandilla, 100 IM                          Olivia Barth, 25 br                                    Courtney Blamer, 50 bk
Kaitlin Blamer, 50 bk                              Jaclyn Dessin, 50 fl                                  Leyton Foor, 25 bk
Evy Melancon, 25 fl                                 Kyla Meussner, 50 fl                               Reese Meussner, 50 bk
Makenzie Senkbiel, 50 fr                      Sage Trakhman, 50 bk                            Aubrey Swickler, 200 fr
Ethan Senkbiel, 50 bk                             Drew Meussner, 200 fr                          Karla Long, 100 fl
Arnav Kulkarni, 200 fr                            Amelia Hubbard, 100 fr                         Lachlan Foor, 100 fr
Bryce Coon, 100 br                                  Aanchal Acharya, 200 bk                      Mackenzie Bafus, 100 br
Andrew Bandilla, 100 fl                         Addison Bell, 50 br                                  Maya Boyle, 100 bk
Haleigh Cameron, 400 IM                     CJ Cederlind, 100 br                                Nathan Chmura, 50 br
Josey Coon, 100 fr                                   Colin Domeracki, 200 fl                         Ella Dziobak, 50 fr
Joan Foster, 200 br                                  Sophia Geco, 200 fl                                 Ishan Karkare, 100 br
Kelsey Kathan, 50 br                               Logan Keberly, 50 fl                                Addi Meseroll, 50 fl
Eleanor Newton-Lay, 100 fr                 Emily Pitera, 100 bk                                Erin Wensorski, 200 fl
Hazel Thurston, 200 fr                           Kara Svoboda, 400 IM                            Joseph Salvatera, 200 fr
Faith Robertson, 100 fr                         Allison Randall, 100 fl                             Natalie Pitera, 1000 fr
Kaari Peecher, 400 IM                            Jose Ferreira, 100 fl                                 Joselyn Dessin, 200 IM
Amelia Brown, 1000 fr                           Hailey Gillett, 200 bk                              Allie Allen, 400 IM
Upcoming Meets
Jan. 31-Feb. 2  LCSC Polar Plunge: Our team meet!  Every swimmer is expected to participate at as high a challenge level as possible in our home meet.  Coaches reviewed entry selections with all swimmers during the week.  Parents are remined that it takes a village of volunteers to run a weekend event like the Polar Plunge.  Coaches thank all in advance for showing the Coho Spirit as we host over 600 athletes from 15 teams.
Feb. 22-23  2020 Blue District Meet @ Saline West HS: This meet is for Coho swimmers not yet achieving cuts for JO’s, States, or Sectionals.  Information is posted on the team website.  Coaches will assist all swimmers with entry selections following the Polar Plunge.
Feb. 28-Mar. 1   2020 Blue JO Meet @ Saline West HS: This meet is for Coho swimmers achieving JO cuts but not yet achieving State or above cuts.  Information not yet available.
Mar. 6-8  2020 Michigan Swimming 12 & Under State Meet @ EMU: This meet is for 12 & under swimmers achieving state qualifying times.  Information not yet available.  Coaches may add additional swimmers for relays, so keep getting faster!!
Mar. 19-22  2020 Michigan Swimming 13-14 & Open State Meet @ EMU and UM: This meet is for all swimmers achieving state qualifying times.  Information not yet available.  Coaches may add additional swimmers for relays, so keep getting faster!!
Mar. 21  2020 8 & Under Finale: This meet is for all swimmers 8 & under as a finale for the 2020 Winter season.  Information not yet available.
Mar. 26-29  2020 Speedo Central Zone Sectionals @ Elkhart, IN: This meet is for swimmers achieving Sectional qualifying times.  Information not yet available.

LCSC Athlete Representatives Selected
Congratulations to Leah Blazoff and Natalie Pitera for stepping up to the role of LCSC Athlete Representative. Athlete Representatives are responsible for engaging all young Coho swimmers in seasonal social activities and annual community projects.  As their first pronouncement, our Athlete Reps would like to encourage the Coho community to consider Senior swimmers as potential baby/children sitters.  (Coaches advise that this activity should not interfere with training!).

Great Job, Team Coho!
Your LCSC Coho Coaches