Checkout updated info on the NM Swim web site

NM Swim athletes, parents and coaches,

The web site has been expanded and updated as part of an ongoing effort by the NM LSC to give you access to more of the information you need and keep links up to date. Please take a look at these revised and expanded sections:

* A variety of links to information on the USA Swimming site, Masters swimming and concussion protocols have been updated and added under the "Links" pulldown menu.

* Time standards have been updated for 2020 and expanded under "Athletes" and then "Time Standards". All the main USA Swimming time cuts are now listed as well NCSA juniors and NMAA State. Now that the USOC is the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee, we are also able to add links to important "Para" time standards for LSC, Sectional and Zone levels.

* Minutes for recent NM LSC Board of Directors and House of Delegates meetings can be found under "Admin" and then "Recent Year Minutes". These minutes can help keep you up to date on current issues changes your LSC leadership is making. Involvement in the BOD and HOD is always encouraged!

* The LSC budgets for the current year (2019-2020) and the past year (2018-2019) are also posted under "Admin" and then "Budget".

Thank-you for your support of NM Swimming.

Written by: Murray Kelley (NM LSC Admin Vice-Chair)