USA Swimming Announces Athlete Leadership Grant Recipients including IES!
USA Swimming has just announced the recipients of the first-ever Athlete Leadership Grants - including the IES Athlete Leadership Team!! 
The IES Athlete Leadership Team will be using this grant to assist with hosting an Athlete Leadership Summit on Saturday, April 18, 2020 at Moses Lake High School, Moses Lake, WA. An informational link for this event has been created on the IES website under "Competition & Events":
Read the article on USA Swimming here:

The purpose of the Athlete Leadership Grant is to assist LSCs in creating an athlete leadership program for high school-aged athletes to grow the athlete leadership structure at a local level. Funding can be used for expenses related to hosting this event, such as meeting space, facilitators, meals, transportation, lodging, and supplies.

USA Swimming was able to award funding to 18 of the 21 LSCs that applied, totaling $30,000 of allocated funding. LSCs must support the program with a matching amount equal to a minimum of 50% of the money awarded by USA Swimming.

This is the first year for the Athlete Leadership Grant program. The Athletes’ Executive Committee spearheaded the program.