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Intrasquad Meet Information

Good Morning,

The coaching staff is looking forward to our intrasquad meet this Saturday at Northwest Pool! We would like to see ALL RENO swimmers attend the practice meet. It will be a fun morning for everyone.
The goal of the intrasquad meet is to help our newer swimmers (and parents) experience a swim meet in a low-key environment. It will also give our more experienced swimmers the opportunity to be good leaders for their new teammates and race some unique distances.
We will run the meet like it’s the real deal… check-in, heat/lane assignments, a starter, timers, etc. The biggest difference between Saturday’s intrasquad meet and a real meet is the times will not be official. It will just be a great opportunity to practice racing.
Schedule for the Morning
Here’s the schedule for the morning:
- Arrive at Northwest Pool no later than 7:15 AM and check-in. The check-in table will be located on the pool deck.
- Warm-ups start at 7:30 AM. All swimmers need to be ready to get in the pool right at 7:30 AM.
- Warm-ups will go until 7:55 AM.
- Meet will start at roughly 8 AM.
- Depending on how many RENO swimmers attend will determine how long the meet lasts. Regardless, it will definitely be over by 10 AM. 
Parent Volunteers
We will need 14 parent volunteers to help time during the meet. You can register to volunteer by clicking here. If you plan to time, please bring your own chair. 
All swimmers will be entered into the meet. There's no need to pre-register. The meet is also free. Depending on what group your child swims in will determine the events they do on Saturday. Here’s the breakdown of events:
Mini RENO: 25 backstroke and 25 freestyle
Blue and White: 25 butterfly, 25 backstroke, 25 breaststroke, 25 freestyle
Orange and Pre-Senior: 25 butterfly, 25 backstroke, 25 breaststroke, 25 freestyle, 75 IM (swimmer gets to chose which stroke to eliminate)
Senior and National: 75 butterfly, 75 backstroke, 75 breaststroke, 75 freestyle, 25 freestyle, 75 IM (swimmer gets to chose which stroke to eliminate)
Order of Events
#1 - Girls 75 butterfly
#2 - Boys 75 butterfly
#3 - Girls 25 butterfly
#4 - Boys 25 butterfly
#5 - Girls 75 backstroke
#6 - Boys 75 backstroke
#7 - Girls 25 backstroke
#8 - Boys 25 backstroke
#9 - Girls 75 breaststroke 
#10 - Boys 75 breaststroke
#11 - Girls 25 breaststroke
#12 - Boys 25 breaststroke
#13 - Girls 75 freestyle
#14 - Boys 75 freestyle
#15 - Girls 25 freestyle
#16 - Boys 25 freestyle
#17 - Girls 75 IM
#18 - Boys 75 IM
Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!