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RENO News - 2/3/20

Good Morning,

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Please read through this week’s email for important Reno Aquatic Club information. 

Intrasquad Meet

RENO had an outstanding intrasquad meet on Saturday morning. Nearly 80 swimmers gained valuable racing experience and had fun. We plan to do more of these in the future.  Click here for the results.

Thank you to all the parents for getting your child to the pool, timing, and helping run the meet. The coaching staff and swimmers greatly appreciate it. 

Minden Meet

The Minden meet is this weekend. We have just over 70 swimmers register. It will be one of our better attended meets in a long time! I will send an email later this week with more information.

Coach Melanie

Coach Melanie’s last day coaching was Friday. She will be moving to England and getting married! We will greatly miss her, but we are very excited for her to start the next chapter of her life. 

Melanie has made a huge impact on RENO. When I took over as head coach two years ago, Melanie and I were the only coaches on staff. She was a crucial part of this team’s turnaround and her positive impact will last for a long time. Thank you for everything, Melanie!

We are planning a going away party for Melanie before she moves to England. More details to come.

All-Star Team

RENO was well represented on the Pacific Zone-4 All-Star Team. Congratulations to the following swimmers for being selected:

9 – 10 Girls – Marni Kraemer

9 – 10 Boys – Oliver Raker

11 – 12 Girls – Gabi Brittan, Addison Clark, and Eleanor Raker

11 – 12 Boys – Angelo Aramini and Brooks Porter

13 – 14 Girls – Amaya Aramini, Lucy Platz, and Izzy Porter

These swimmers will be competing in the Pacific All-Star meet in Santa Clara, CA on Sunday, March 1. 

Pacific Distance Training Camp

Congratulations to RENO’s Aidan Pflieger for being selected for the Pacific Distance Training Camp. Aidan spent last weekend training in Colorado Springs at the Olympic Training Center. Check out RENO’s Instagram page for photos for Aidan’s trip.

Emma Karam was also selected to the camp but was unable to attend.

Upcoming Practice Changes

The City of Reno will be installing the new Northwest pump on Thursday, February 13 and Friday, February 14. Therefore, we will have to cancel practice on those days. 

On Monday, February 17 (President's Day), Pre-Senior, Senior, and National will have morning practice at Northwest. Pre-Senior will swim from 7 - 8:30 AM and Senior and National will swim from 7 - 9 AM. No evening practice.

The Washoe County high school swim season will be starting at the end of February. Due to the lack of pools in our area, multiple high schools use Northwest to practice. When official practices start in a few weeks, all of our practices will start AND end 15-minutes later. I am waiting to hear back from the City on the exact date when our practices shift but it will happen in late February. 

Swim for Funds

Swim 4 Funds will be held Saturday, February 22, 2020, from 7:30 – 10:00 AM at the Northwest Pool. Your swimmer should have received their packet last week. If he/she did not come home with one, please ask his/her coach. Swimmers should plan to collect pledges until February 22. Online donations can be made my clicking here.

This is our biggest fundraiser and we are looking to raise $11,000! This fundraiser helps the team in many ways including purchasing new equipment, keeping monthly dues lower, covering travels costs for coaches to meets, and much more. We’d like every swimmer to participate. Thank you in advance for your support!

Parent Education

I came across an article from Olivier Poirier-Leory entitled “How to Be an Awesome Swim Parent.” I encourage you to read the entire article by clicking here, but I wanted to highlight three points from the article:

Encourage accountability

At the end of the day you want swimming to be your swimmer’s sport. Their thing.

Let them take ownership of the sport by letting them have their own goals, and encourage them to evaluate and track their workouts to further instill a sense of control of their swimming.

If they have their own reasons for swimming and showing up every day to work hard they are going to be more intrinsically motivated to stay (and succeed) in the sport.

Avoid over-identifying with your swimmer’s performance

How they swim isn’t a reflection of you.

Don’t fall down the over-identification trap where your child’s swim performance is a reflection of you, leading you to ignore how they feel about the sport and focusing on your feelings. Taking the burden for their swimming also removes accountability on your swimmer’s part.

The more likely it’s their thing, the more likely they are to be successful.

When issues come up with coach, address them privately and directly

There will be times where as a swim parent we have questions or concerns regarding our kid’s swimming. Over the course of a swim career this is unavoidable.

Maybe your swimmer hasn’t improved at all in a couple months and we’d like to know more about why this is. Or perhaps she is being held back a group. Or you have questions about the plan for the team.

Too often when a parent has an issue with coach they will sit in the stands gossiping and complaining to other parents, which does nothing but create a divisive environment for all involved.

Set a time to meet with the coach that you can talk distraction-free (blindsiding them on the way to their car after practice doesn’t count).

Undermining the coach, whether it’s giving contradictory technique and training instruction out of the water, only serves to confuse and put your little swimmer in a place where they have to choose between listening to you or coach when they are at practice. In ideal situations, parents parent, and coaches coach. - Olivier Poirier-Leory

Each week, I update the Parent Education section on our website with the newest article.  Please click here to access it.

Meet Schedule

Our spring meet schedule is posted.  Please click here for the full schedule.

Here are the upcoming meets:

February 7 - 9 - DDST Age Group Open in Minden (all)

February 27 - March 1 - CA/NV Senior Sectionals in Carlsbad, CA (all qualified)

February 29 - March 1 - Pacific Zone All-Star Meet in Santa Clara, CA (all selected)

March 13 - 15 - Pacific Junior Olympics in Santa Clara, CA (all 14-under qualified)

March 16 - 22 - Spring break for Senior/National Groups -- NO practice

March 21 - 22 - NNA Age Group Open in Reno (all non-HS swimmers who did not go to JOs)

March 23 - 29 - Spring Break for Pre-Senior groups and below -- NO practice

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Thank you and Go RENO!