Teaching Tuesday: Preparing for Championship Season

Preparing for Championship Season

The month of February is generally considered the start of the championship season. Winter training is starting to simmer down and club teams are preparing in and out of the pool for their upcoming meets. High school state meets are coming up, as well as club state meets, sectionals and so forth, and all of this can be intimidating so some swimmers. To ease some stress and anxiety, here are some tips for swimmers leading up to their big meet of the spring:

1. Practice your pre-race routine at workouts a couple of weeks before the big meet! Having a consistent routine can help swimmers feel more confident before they step up to the block.

2. Keep a consistent diet when you go to a meet. Eating different foods than normal can upset stomachs sometimes to those that eat the same type of meals on a weekly basis.

3. Pack your bag before you go to sleep to make sure that you have all of your gear ready in the morning.

4. Remind yourself of all the hard work you put in during the season. Did you have an awesome set or string of practices that you were proud of? Did you improve a technique that made it easier to swim more efficiently?

5. Get enough sleep! This simple tip ensures that your body is recovering and resting enough before a meet that can last days.

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