PSC Dual Meet, AA Champs, EMAC Invite, and ABE-TYO Flight Status Updates

Hello EMAC

Before I get into a review or our Alloy Alliance Champs, EMAC Winter Invite, EMAC v PSC Dual meet, and an update on our Flight to Tokyo, I wanted to express a few things regarding our meet vs PSC.

What a spectacular event on Saturday in our dual meet vs. PSC.  While watching I began a running list of the reasons we need to make dual meets a bigger part of our year.  Below I’ve laid out reasons that we are committing to running multiple dual meets next season. 

  1. Scored dual meets are fun.  It’s why we love HS swimming.  It’s why college swimmers often fall back in love with the sport.  It’s why we love summer league swimming.  Scored dual meets are fun. 
  2. Participating in dual meets reinforces qualities that oppose entitlement.  In many USA Swimming meets, there are no bench players.  Everyone gets a shot to swim.  This is a great characteristic of A/BB/C USA Swimming meets.  However, if a swimmer ever wants to compete on a HS team or NCAA team, they are going to have to understand that not everyone gets equal opportunities in those venues.  When a swimmer tries out for a HS team, they are either ready or they are not.  When a swimmer wants to swim a certain event at districts, they are either fast enough or they are not.  When swimmers decide that they want to swim in college, they are either going to be good enough, or they are not.  Competing in dual meets gives us an opportunity to instill this lesson within a USA Swimming structure, which adds tremendous value to the experience. 
  3. Dual meets are over within 3 hours, leaving the rest of the weekend for other family activities while saving that family money.
  4. Swimmers swim FAST at dual meets!!!  Why?  Because it wasn’t about a time, it was about a race and an experience.  SwimSwam recently published THIS ARTICLE, which will explain this value far better than I could. 
  5. Dual meets build team unity.  We all felt that EMAC pride a little more on Saturday. 

Alloy Alliance Champs

  • EMAC swimmers posted 114 fastest times at AA Champs
  • Click HERE to see results and new time standards achieved

EMAC Winter Invite

  • EMAC swimmers posted 286 fastest times
  • Click HERE to see results and new time standards achieved
  • Jack Engel, Adhira Reddy and Reese Wunderler all posted 100% fastest times, bringing the total of swimmers achieving 100% fastest times in a meet to 46 on the season.

EMAC v. PSC Dual Meet

  • EMAC swimmers posted 144 fastest times
  • Click HERE to see the results and new time standards achieved

EMACulate Award

The EMACulate award goes to swimmers who compete in all 14 NCAA events in one season.  The following swimmers have already earned their EMACULATE Award!  Swimmers who achieve this award also earn 30 miles toward our Flight to Tokyo.

  • Bella Buchman
  • Lexi Shuryn
  • Davin Glynn
  • Garrett Longbons
  • Graham Lovett – Achieved his EMACulate Award at age 10.  Holy cow!!!!
  • There are about 10 more swimmers primed to accomplish this with their entries at BLUE Duck Hunt’n Derby


IMX scores are issued by USA Swimming.  They serve to compare the well-roundedness of swimmers across the USA, zone, LSC, or team.  Click HERE to learn more about IMX.  Swimmers who earn their IMX Score also earn 10 extra miles toward our Flight to Tokyo.

  • 61 EMAC swimmers have already achieved an IMX score.  
  • Click HERE to see a list of those swimmers. Swimmers highlighted in yellow have recently achieved their IMX Score.  
  • We have many more swimmers who are primed to achieve their IMX score with their entries at BLUE Duck Hunt’n Derby


With the above time drops and accomplishments, it is now evident that it is a matter of when, not if, we make it to Tokyo.  We have now travelled 5,521 miles, leaving us just over 1,000 miles short.   We still have Duck Hunt’n Derby and all of our Champs meets left.  Click HERE to see our progress in more detail.   Swimmers, let’s make that party happen sooner rather than later!!!  Get to practice, have fun, and go fast!!!!