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February 2020

Letter from our President, Jay Wolf

February brings with it a host of events and noteworthy dates, from the Super Bowl in Miami to the very last day on the monthly calendar celebrating another Leap Year cycle. This month also brings news regarding our swim team, as Paseo Aquatics became one of the few USA-Swimming clubs to earn a LEVEL 3 RECOGNITION status. We can all thank COACH CHRIS, KELLY ZANCANARO and the entire staff for their indefatigable efforts in achieving this monumental goal.

We also have an opportunity to celebrate the grand re-opening of The Paseo Club swimming pool-- home to our DISCOVERY, JUNIOR l and ll swimmers. The pool has undergone a massive renovation, and remains a mainstay practice location for Paseo Aquatics.

The Paseo Club, for those who don't know, is the very reason Paseo Aquatics exists today. It was their support of our young swim club-- when Coach Chris and 3 swimmers began what has since become an amazing journey-- that allowed us to plant the seeds that would grow into a USA-Swimming Sanctioned club of almost 250 swimmers. Many, if not most, of our club's athletes either launched their swim career or spent time training at the Paseo Club pool. Our current coaching staff conducts private lessons there-- and the team has held many of its Year End Banquets in the former Valencia Room.

Enjoy your February-- and all it has to offer!


Jay Wolf


Paseo Aquatics



For all Paseo families and swimmers that practice/compete at the Castaic Aquatics Complex…please note that ONLY females (swimmers, parents, etc.) may use the south/Women’s entrance and exit hallway and ONLY males (swimmers, parents, etc.) may use the north/Men’s entrance and exit hallway to and from the pool.  Please respect these important Castiac guidelines and SafeSport protections for our athletes.

2020 Swim-A-Thon, Saturday, April 18th @ 9am

Castaic Aquatics Complex

After recently reaching our Level 3 tier with USA Swimming, we couldn't be happier with the amazing Paseo swimmers and families that have helped us along the way and we are so grateful for your support!  Our goal this year is to raise $25,000 to cover the expenses of our Level 3 club.  This helps us secure great coaches for our swimmers as well as buy about 10 more Paseo Canopies as well as backstroke wedges, and help fund the yearly budgets for areas such as equipment that assists us in coaching, coach education, team travel and hosting great meets for our swimmers, families and the overall swimming community in Southern California.

Also, at this year's swim-a-thon, we are going to shake things up. We will have fun relay races (older and younger kids), games, prizes and of course the coveted "Coaches Pie in the Face" event!

As always, there will be awards to our contributors and we look forward to another super fund-raiser for Paseo Aquatics!

Please come together to help us reach our goal this year. Our effort is endless to this team from each and every coach. Let’s continue to collectively build for a greater future.

In addition, Off the Block Swim Company (founded by our own, Helena Salvino) and Swim Works will be on deck that day. Families will be able to order personalized caps and get fitted for team warm-ups and swim suits as well.

Monthly Milestones


"January has been a really fun month with la lot of changes.  With our practice time change and getting back into school and the meet season, Advanced group has been working wonders. Just watch Payton school kids a couple years older than him with his exceptional underwaters!

We were very proud to send Jeanna and Josiah Cerera to the All-Star Meet where they helped the Yellow team take the victory! Josiah knocked 2.5 seconds off his 100 backstroke, 1.8 off his 50 breast, and 2 off his 100 freestyle.  Keep up the good work, step by step!

There were some other very notable swims this January so early in our season: Allie Lohmann worked hard for her 4.2 second drop in her 100 backstroke, her 2 seconds off her 50 free time, and 3 from her 50 fly.  What a stud!

Zachary's really stepping up and knocked 7.6 off his 200 free, 3 off his 100 free, and 4.7 off his 100IM this month. Day by day he gets better and better.  

Despite being so early into our season, Advanced kids really stepped up and blew away their past times and never stop surprising me. Looking forward to Coastal Champs and seeing all the amazing things they can do in the up and coming months ahead!"

-Coach Garrett



Viktoria Paragas completed her first 200 yard backstroke going a 2:35.06 :)

Olivia Boylan went 1:06.87 in the 100 back at the Alpha Quad meet and securing her 2nd JAG and Summer JO cut.

Noah Sanchez dropped over 1 minute in the 500 free going a 5:27.94 stamping his ticket to Summer JOs.

Daniel Ludlow dropped a whooping 11 seconds in the 500 free going a 5:29.38

Connor Henzie went a 55.56 in the 100 free and is now the fastest 100 freestyler in the Silver Group!


Sr. 1:  

All the athletes swam very well but a special shout out:

Alex Bell for going 26.81 in 50 free joining the 26 50 free club.

Ashlyn Walters had a great day of racing she overcame her fear of the 100 free and went a 57.1 and went a 2:17.23 in the 200 back.

River Maners went a personal best in the 100 free 52.88 and 200 free 1:59.87 (he joins the sub 2min 200 free club)

Cate Hindman (1st Yr.), Adam Meldrum (1st Yr.), Peyton Morse (1st Yr.), and Sydney Zancanaro (3rd consecutive yr.) for all being selected for the SoCal All-Star Festival, which was held January 25th at ELAC! 

Luke Bezanilla  (1st PacCoast and 2nd All-Star selection) and Teia Salvino (2nd PacCoast and 3rd consecutive yr.) for being selected to the Pacific Coast All-Star Team and CRUSHING it in Oregon!



For the swimmers our attention at the Alpha meet was pointed at making decisions during the race that mimic or recognize what is currently happening in training. These are the technical aspects without much worry about the clock. Starts, turns, underwaters and finishes are 4 components to every race that has very little to do with the swimming portion itself.  In this area, I feel Alex Brisbois, Alyssa Hamilton, Bryant Lee, and Sonaly Wintermute did an exceptional job.

As a group, we talk a bunch about how high level male and female athletes can get off a fly turn in .875 seconds. At the meet, I still had kids breaking the 1.22 second barrier from the time the hands hit to feet leaving the wall. In a sport where we fight for tenths or even hundredths of a second drop turning speed plays a major role and proves to be a point where we can drop time. I witnessed athletes like Konrad Antoniuk, Michael Andrizzi, and James Cusumano make great strides here.

We also spend a large amount of time on balance. A body without balance in the water will be a slow moving body. So, the athletes performed pretty well here until fatigue stepped in. Which, is the most important time for the athlete to hold that posture and balance together eliminating that unnecessary drag in the water as they fight for the finish. Micheal Lee, and Leo Melaye really held it together coming into the finish.



We want to give another “shout out” to our 8 SoCal All-Stars this year…the most selected by SoCal swimming from Paseo Aquatics in one season!  Luke Bezanilla and Teia Salvino were selected to an even more elite group, the PacCoast All-Star Team and represented Paseo Aquatics and SoCal Swimming in Oregon the first weekend in January.  Jeanna Cerera, Josiah Cerera, Cate Hindman, Adam Meldrum, Peyton Morse and Sydney Zancanaro all represented Paseo Aquatics at the SoCal All-Star Festival, an annual celebration of amazing athletes, that was held January 25th at the East LA College.  We’re so proud of all our athletes’ continued dedication and push to excellence! 


Community Outreach

Our BRONZE swimmers and coaches came together before practice on January 16th to assemble the 80 lunches that were then delivered to the Bridge to Home Winter Shelter to help nourish those less fortunate than ourselves.  This is a monthly Community Outreach event that Paseo does with different groups of swimmers.  We’re looking forward to working with our Advanced group on February 13th, PLEASE login into your website and sign up ASAP to bring items for the lunches.  It’s only a few WEEKS AWAY!



7 Tips to Develop Mental Toughness for Swimmers

As high school swimming has already started, the balancing act can be quite complicated.  Here is a great article from The Dallas Morning News:

How elite Texas swimmers balance club and high school swimming during the busiest time of the year


“It’s what you do with the rough patches that will define the athlete that you’ll become.” – Dana Vollmer


Each month we will offer a segment on Parent Education, hoping to share insight and information on becoming the best possible parent-of-a-club-swimmer you can be. This issue taps into a Swimming World Magazine article about typical swim parent stereotypes that can hinder your swimmer’s success, which none of us parents want – I’ve learned a few and had to make BIG changes  myself…all for the better and for our swimmers!

Please click on the below!


Sticking with fly turns... I teach the kids that any fast turn has to come from a real conscious decision just before the turn to make it fast. If we don’t have this moment leading into the wall then more often than not, the turn will have a primary focus of getting a breath (air) and not rotational speed and exit. This applies to breaststroke turns as well.

- Head Coach, Chris Dahowski



February 2020 SWIM MEETS

Coastal Championships

February 7-9th, 2020

Lompoc Aquatics Center

207 West College Avenue

Lompoc, CA

Groups: Junior 1 & 2, Advanced, Bronze, Silver


Senior “Q” Meet

February 14-16th, 2020

Riverside Aquatics Complex

4800 Magnolia Avenue

Riverside, CA

Groups: Senior 1 & 2 (will be traveling as a team back and forth)


Speedo Spring Sectionals

February 27th – March 1st, 2020

Alga Norte Aquatics Center

6565 Alicante Road

Carlsbad, CA

Groups: Qualifying Event



February 29th – March 1st, 2020

Adolfo Camarillo High School

4660 Mission Oaks Blvd.

Camarillo, CA

Groups: Juniors 1 & 2, Advanced, Bronze and Silver (please check with your coaches)


Other Important Dates

Advanced Community Giving – Bridge to Home

Thursday, February 13th @ the BEGINNING of practice.  Please login and sign up to assist with lunch items that the swimmers will be assembling into 75-80 lunches for the Bridge to Home Winter Shelter asap!