RENO Team Partners
TYR + Reno Aquatic Club

I am excited to announce that TYR is now the official swimwear and equipment sponsor for Reno Aquatic Club! This partnership is a huge step forward for our team and will help our swimmers reach their full potential in the water.

TYR was founded in the mid-1980s and has become one of the most recognizable brands in competitive swimming. Currently, TYR sponsors several top US Olympians including Katie Ledecky, Cody Miller, and many more.  

“Named for TYR, the Norse god of warriors, TYR is committed to cultivating a culture of greatness, both in and out of the water. Through vision, pursuit and American ingenuity, they have become a brand synonymous with the athlete” (TYR website).

So, what does this mean for Reno Aquatic Club?

First off, we will finally have RENO team suits. These suits will be available at a big discount to all RENO families (more on this in a bit). I am excited for us to finally have one consistent “uniform” at swim meets. It will make RENO look more like a team and the suits are very high quality and fast. 

Through summer, I strongly encourage all RENO families to purchase the team suits to wear at meets but it won’t be required. Starting in the fall of 2020, these team suits will be a requirement for all swimmers to wear at meets.

In addition to the team suits, as our swimmers qualify for higher-level USA Swimming meets, the swimmers will receive free gear and savings on TYR tech suits.

Next, we will have access to custom RENO warm-ups, parkas, and backpacks. Again, these products will be offered to the team at a generous discount. These products won’t be required, but I would love to see as many RENO swimmers as possible sporting their TYR RENO gear on the pool deck.

We will also have access to an outstanding selection of TYR training equipment. I know many of our swimmers already have their required training equipment. You do NOT have to go out and buy all new TYR gear, I just ask if your swimmer needs new equipment in the future that you purchase TYR gear. 

And finally, TYR will be a sponsor of RENO’s hosted swim meets, the RENO Gamble and King of the Hill. Through TYR’s sponsorship, we will be able to offer some unique and exciting things to our meets.

What’s the next step?

Through our TYR sponsorship, we will now be using Conejo Swimworks to purchase all of our equipment and custom gear. Conejo Swimworks is located in Southern California, but they have created an online store for our orders and the owner, Yvette, will be at Northwest Pool on Thursday, February 20th from 4:30 – 7:30 PM to do suit/warm-up fittings for our swimmers. 

For roughly a week after Yvette’s visit, the custom gear (suits, warm-ups, bags) will be available to be ordered online. After the ordering window closes for the custom gear, we won’t do another order until summer.

The online store for gear (fins, paddles, snorkels, etc.) will always be open and is now open for all equipment purchases. 

You can visit the online store by clicking here or visit and select “Reno Aquatic Club” on the left side.  

I am very excited for the team to be sponsored by TYR! I am confident it will be a great fit as we continue to move the team forward. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Thank you,