This week at Delaware Swim Team: 2/3-2/9
Here's what's happening this week at Delaware Swim Team:
There are a couple practice changes for the week.
On Thursday, February 6, a high school swim meet is scheduled at PS DuPont.  To avoid conflict with this meet, Developmental will be moved to 6:00-7:00 PM on this day.  Age Group will remain at its normal time of 6:00-7:30 PM.
Senior National Blue & Yellow will swim at UD from 9:15-11:15 AM on Saturday, February 8.  Junior National will still have practice from 10:15-12:15, and Developmental will still have practice from 10:30-11:30.
Looking forward, there will be significant practice changes for the weekend of February 15-16 due to the swim meets.  These changes will be mentioned in next Wednesday's news item.
The Double Last Chance A/BB/C Meet is February 15-16.  This meet is already above capacity, and no further entries will be taken. Some cuts are being made to get prelims sessions down close to the 4-hour timeline needed.
There are adjustments to the meet timeline from what is in the meet announcement.  The times mentioned in the meet announcement are no longer correct.  Please use the following times to plan for the meet:
Saturday Prelims
Doors Open: 8:50 AM
Warm-up Begins: 9:05 AM
Session Start: 10:00 AM
Tentative Finish: 2:00 PM
Saturday Finals
Warm-up: 4:15 PM
Session Start: 5:00 PM
Tentative Finish: 7:15 PM
Sunday Prelims
Doors Open: 7:45 AM
Warm-up Begins: 8:00 AM
Session Start: 9:00 AM
Tentative Finish: 1:00 PM
Sunday Finals
Warm-up Begins: 3:15 PM
Session Start: 4:00 PM
Tentative Finish: 6:15 PM
Remember that this is a prelims/finals-format meet for all ages.  The top 8 swimmers for each age group (so 9-10, 11-12, etc) that do not attain the Elite Showcase Classic cut in prelims will swim in finals that afternoon.  Announcements will be made throughout the prelims session stating who has qualified for finals.  When an announcement is made for a certain event, a swimmer will have 30 minutes from the time of that announcement to scratch from that event if the swimmer will not be swimming that event in finals.  It is the responsibility of PARENTS AND SWIMMERS to listen for these announcements and look for event results.  No action is needed if people who qualify for finals will swim in finals.
There are adjustments to the meet timeline from what is in the meet announcement.  The times mentioned in the meet announcement are no longer correct.  Please use the following times to plan for the meet:
Warm-up Begins: 2:30 PM
Session Start: 3:00 PM
Tentative Finish: 4:05 PM
Warm-up Begins: 1:30 PM
Session Start: 2:00 PM
Tentative Finish: 3:15 PM
Volunteer positions for both the Double Last Chance A/BB/C Meet and Last Chance Mini Meet will open tonight at 9:00 PM.
For the Double Last Chance A/BB/C Meet, volunteer positions for both prelims sessions and finals sessions will open at the same time.  Volunteers will be needed for these finals sessions just as much as will be needed for the prelims sessions.  Obviously, there is no sure way for anyone to know if a swimmer will make it into finals for a certain event or on a certain afternoon.  However, if it appears likely that your swimmer will make it to finals, signing up ahead of time would be a big help to the entire coaching staff.  Finals volunteer positions (and all open volunteer positions) will remain open until 11:59 PM on Thursday, February 13.  Everyone will have the ability to volunteer for finals even after the online sign-up closes; the meet volunteer coordinator can assign you to an open position if you can help at a finals session.
It is expected that any family that has a swimmer qualify and come back for finals provides at least one volunteer.  The volunteer positions are integral to providing the best environment for everyone at your swimmer's finals session.
Since there is an increased need for volunteers at finals, due to a smaller number of Delaware Swim Team swimmers participating in finals, the number of points for working a volunteer position during a finals session is 7, instead of the usual 5 points.  For those of you who have less than half of your total volunteer service points needed for the season, those finals sessions are an easy way to put the pedal to the metal and earn your points a little more quickly.  Finals sessions will be shorter than prelims sessions, will have less people around, and are worth more volunteer points; all of that is much easier for parents. 
If you have an End-of-March contract for your swimmer, and you know that you would like to continue beyond March, we can extend your contract now.  Please email Ann at to let her know to extend your swimmer’s contract.  It is easiest for us on our end to extend your contract before March 1, although we can do it at any time.
The Delaware Swim Team coaching staff