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2020 Summer Info


We are beyond excited for the upcoming summer swim season! This season promises to be our best one yet, and we plan on having more fun than ever. You’ll see plenty of familiar faces and some new ones on the pool deck this summer.  Get ready, because we will be even more focused on fun, community, sportsmanship and philanthropy in Summer 2020!

Our team is quite unique, in that only residents of our community may join our swim team. As our neighborhood has grown, so has the size of our swim team. As such, we have become the largest team in the Prince William Swim League. Last summer, in order to help manage our large numbers, the Sharks Developmental Team was created to develop our younger swimmers who were not necessarily ready to swim on Saturdays in competitive meets. For the past few months, the Sharks Board of Directors has been working closely with our Program Director and our Head Coach to develop a new framework for the Sharks that we feel will greatly benefit our team. We are excited to announce that our Developmental Team will be expanding this summer, with a focus on developing the skills of our younger swimmers and preparing them for our Competitive Team as they become older and more experienced. Our Developmental Team and our Competitive Team will come together regularly for Sharks social and philanthropic events, however the teams will be separated for practices and swim meets. Swimmer placement on the Developmental Team or the Competitive Team will be based on the criteria listed below.

Sharks Developmental Team

  • All Developmental Team swimmers must be able to swim the length of the pool unassisted. They also must be able to back float for at least half the pool length.
  • Swimmers ages 5 and 6 will be assessed for their ability to swim unassisted, but they will automatically be placed on the Developmental Team. 
  •  Swimmers ages 7 and 8 will be assessed and placed on the Developmental Team if they do not meet the following Sharks Competitive Team Criteria:
    • Must be legal in at least 2 strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke or Butterfly).
    • Must be able to swim 25 Freestyle in under 30 seconds and 25 Backstroke in under 35 seconds.
  • Developmental Team swimmers will swim in several Sharks only mini meets throughout the summer swim season and in at least one meet against another PWSL Swim Team. Developmental Team swimmers will not swim in Saturday swim meets.
  • Developmental Team swimmers who meet the Sharks Competitive Team criteria AND are deemed ready by coaches MAY be moved up to the Sharks Competitive Team during the summer swim season.
  • The Developmental Team will practice separately from the Sharks Competitive Team, with dedicated Developmental coaches helping these less experienced swimmers work on skills and stroke development. Developmental team swimmers will practice at the Waverly Club indoor pool until school ends, then they will move outside to the Ryder Cup Pool.

Sharks Competitive Team

  • The Sharks Competitive Team is for more experienced 8&U swimmers, as well as all swimmers ages 9 through 18.
  • 8&U swimmers will be placed on the Sharks Competitive Team if they meet the following criteria:
    • Must be legal in at least 2 strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke or Butterfly).
    • Must be able to swim 25 Freestyle in under 30 seconds and 25 Backstroke in under 35 seconds.
  • Sharks Competitive Team swimmers will compete in our Saturday Swim Meets.
  • Sharks Competitive Team swimmers will practice at either the Gaines Mill Pool or the Country Club Pool.


We will be conducting assessments for all new 8&U swimmers, all 6&U swimmers and some returning 8&U swimmers this month. If you have an 8&U child that will be new to the Sharks this summer, the child must attend an assessment or they will not be able to register for the team. An email will be sent out separately to those returning Sharks that will require an assessment. Assessments will be held at 11:30am on the following dates at the Waverly Club Indoor Pool:

Saturday, February 22

Sunday, February 23

Saturday, February 29

Sunday, March 1

All swimmer assessments should be completed by March 1. If you have a child that needs to be assessed and are unable to make one of our assessment dates, we will work with you to schedule another time for an assessment in February.

Summer 2020 Swim Registration

Sharks Summer 2020 Swim Registration will open on Sunday, March 1st. Parents will be asked to register their child for either the Developmental Team or the Competitive Team at Registration time. This year, the Sharks Competitive Team will be capped at 300 swimmers. We will not be accepting late registrations this year, so please register your swimmer as soon as possible once Registration opens. Once we have met the 300 swimmer cap, the Sharks Competitive Team Registration will be closed. 

If you have any questions at all, please feel to reach out to Kara Torrey at We are excited for the 2020 Summer Swim Season and we believe that the changes we are implementing will make for an even better experience for our swimmers, coaches, parents and our community. Go Sharks!