Weekly Update

So, the season is winding down. We are continuing to work on some racing strategies this week for specific races. We have been tackling some distance pace sets (yes, I know that is not always fun...) and tonight with groups 2 and 3 will work on some IM strategies. Group 1 is going to be working on trying get get a more legal breaststroke.... it is still a challenge for some of them. 

I have updated some information on the Regional Meet. I was incorrect. You only have to be at 1 previous swim meet to attend regionals. I have questions if you do regionals and one other meet, if you can swim areas.

I also am working on trying to get a time trial set up for the 500 Free at the Kirkwood meet. I think we have a few swimmers that are close to area cuts on that race... the Regional meet will only accept the top 24 swimmers in that event. Entering a swimmer in with no time, leaves us with the very real chance that those swimmers will not be allowed to swim those events, Which would be a shame. If this affects your swimmer, I will let you know what I find out!


We are starting to work on what we will be offerring after March and our season officially ends. In the past, we have offered stroke clinics, taught by the coaching staff. These are available Tuesday and Thursday 6-7 and 7-8. They have a limit of 10 swimmers in each group. I (Angie) am trying to determine what I can offer. I will be doing some private coaching over the summer at minimum. I like working in very small groups on strokework. We can dust off the underwater camera and really pull the strokes apart to figure out what is going on.

Also, know that there are swim camps that offer some great instruction as well. If you are interested, please let come talk to me and I can answer your questions. My daughter has been doing swim camps for years and loves them. MU and Southern Illinois University both have good camps and its not too far away or (horribly) expensive when looking at 5 days of an overnight camp. My daughter has attended both of these camps in the past.

We also encourage the swimmers, whom are interested, to participate in one of the many summer teams in the area but know- if you want additional options we are working to have those available for you. But, all swimmers will need a bit of time off to decompress from the season and do other things.

Those mental breaks are good for the soul. Swimmers will lose some ground, but the gain in mental health more than makes up for that in the long term.