Tommy Tamale - NL & WAC
Hello NL and WAC Masters and Parents of NL Swimmers,
     Your part of the Tommy Tamale fund raising is almost finished;  please turn in your order forms Monday February 10 at swim practice.  CFB Swimmers and EAC Masters will finish in one more week.
     If you can do the following for the Coordinators, it will be very helpful:
           1.  Fold the Tommy Tamale order form and place it in a business envelope
           2.  Add in the cash and checks made payable to O2 Performance Aquatics (No coins please)
           3.  Write your O2 billing name and contact info on the front of the envelope and the total amount of money enclosed.
           4.  Check the math for each column and row on the order form.  If the amount of money enclosed does not equal the total in the bottom right hand corner of the                  order form, the order cannot be submitted, but we will contact you.
           5.  It will be about two weeks before the tamales are ready and we will let you know the delivery date.  The will be delivered frozen and you will need to bring a 
Thank you for your efforts in this fund raising.
Don C. Blackard
O2 V.P.