WI Swimming "Sportsman/Sportswoman Of The Year Award"

WI Swimming "Sportsman/Sportswoman Of The Year Award"

WI Swimming is accepting nominations for the "Sportsman/Sportswoman Of The Year Award" now through March 15th.  Candidates for the award must be a 13 & Over swimmer from Wisconsin who exemplifies great sportsmanship, makes a lot of cross-team friendships, and/or is encouraging, motivating, and energizing on the pool deck.  If you know someone (EBSC or elsewhere) that fits this description, please consider nominating him/her.

Please use this link to submit a nomination - HERE.

Nominees will be invited to the annual WI Swimming Awards Banquet in April where votes will be cast for the winner.

More information about this award in available on the WI Swimming LSC website - HERE.