SHARK BITES 02/10/2020

SHARK BITES for the week of 02/10/2020/ilwcs/UserFiles/Image/QuickUpload/sharkbites021020_093795.pdf

Fellow Shark Parents:

Above is the link to our latest edition of the SHARK BITES. Please review it and get back to Coach Dan with any questions.

As previously announced, the FEB FRENZY meet is FULL with over 630 swimmers planned to attend. In order to be in compliance with the timeline requirements, we had to CANCEL AM relays for both 9-10's and 11-12's on both Saturday and Sunday. Also ONLY on SUNDAY AM 9-10 & 11-12s from several teams were required to be reduced to THREE SWIMS. For WCS we took swimmers our of 100IM (the rationale for IM is this is available to swim at IV conference for these ages). Swimmers may be in three swims (2x50's and 1x100 of their choice) from the remaining events listed. TIA for understanding the need for this.

Our sign-ups for FEB FRENZY volunteers and donations are now LIVE to sign up. Likewise, IV CONFERENCE is now live for volunteer jobs. Donations will be up later this week. EVERYONE SHOULD BE ENTERED IN IV CONFERENCE - SIGN UP BY 2/16!!!!

Thanks for a GREAT swim season and we wish everyone well in our last two regular season meets - FEB FRENZY & IV CONFERENCE.

IV conference is the last opportunity to qualify for Regionals.

HS Conference/Sectionals and State meets that have been observed by ISI officials can (if legal by USS) be used for OME system meets. 

ISI Regionals is the last opportunity to qualify for Senior Champs/Age Group Champs*

Our hosted LCTT may be used for those with Regional cuts who 'just miss' an age group champ cut at regionals.  

HS swimmers may return to WCS as soon as their LAST meet with HS is over. For example, those who swim sectionals but do not qualify to the state meet may attend IV. If you qualify for anything or are an alternate for a relay you may NOT do any USS meets or practices till that last HS meet passes. 

Coach Dan