January SOTM


Congratulations to our January   Swimmers of the Month!


Congratulations to Cole C. for being an amazing swimmer in Senior this past January. Great attendance, diligent worker and a big smile everyday! Keep up the good work Cole!

Senior Development

Congratulations to Will C. For being Senior Development's SOTM. His best attribute is his willingness to push the speed aspect of his training to the max. He also was able to race a great butterfly race at Scarborough which is something hes been looking to improve upon for a long time. Great work Will!




Maja B. is Junior A's SOTM. Maja always has a smile on her face and is one of the most mature and hard working 11 year olds you'll meet. She made her 1st 11 year old Festivals cut at Scarborough and looking for more! Great job Maja!

This month we have seen some "Sparkes" in the pool! Jillian Sparkes is Junior B's swimmer of the month. After a recent move from Junior Development, Jillian has been training hard and enjoying the challenges in her new group while maintaining 100% attendance! Congratulations Jillian!

Junior Development

January's swimmer of the month for Junior Development is Lauren Johnson. A big congratulations to Lauren who has recently move up to Junior Development just as we are ramping up our pace times and volume (while maintaining form!). This is no easy task and Lauren has taken on this challenge with a great attitude and focus. Lauren works hard every practice and is mindful of maintaining form as we work through some challenging sets. Excellent work Lauren and welcome to JD!


Green 1 SOTM is Alex Liu. Alex has been working hard on his skills and responds very well to coaching. We can see Alex getting stronger and stronger as each week with 100% attendance. Congratulations Alex!

Purple 1 SOTM is Maxwell Santos. Maxwell is a streamline machine off the walls!! He is sure to ask questions before he gets in the pool so he can improve his skills and techniques as best he can. Congratulations Maxwell!

Sarah Vatcher is another recent move up who has made a great impression on her coach. Sarah listens attentively and engages fully from start to finish. Always eager to learn and ask questions, she is a great presence in the group. It's a true pleasure to coach an athlete who is fully committed to learning and improving. Welcome to Novice Green 2!

Purple 2 - Jacob Peers, Jacob has improved so much since the start of the season. His freestyle and fly has had huge improvements, because he listens to what his coach tells him and works on certain skills to improve. He works very hard every practice and always makes sure he’s doing the set right. Jacob is a great swimmer and comes to every practice ready to swim well and to have fun.