WAC Week of February 9 - Feb 16, 2020

February 9 - 16, 2020


Congratulations to all of our High School swimmers who represented their respective high schools in the first round of the Ohio High School State Tournament.  Sectional meets were held all over Central Ohio, and WAC swimmers were looking very strong! Good luck this week to those who qualified to move on to the District competitions on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

Age Groupers - it’s almost time! We are in the final phase of preparation for the Regional Meet. Volunteer signups are going well - if he hasn’t already, Jim will be assigning any remaining spots to ensure that our team obligation is met. Additional information about the meet format and warm up times will be distributed early this week - a separate e-mail will follow when that info is available.


Don’t forget to double check the championship training schedule for this week! ( https://www.teamunify.com/SubTabGeneric.jsp?team=oswac&_stabid_=203783 ). A summary is included with each group’s notes below. As we prepare for the Regional Meet this weekend, many practices will be ending early, and it is important that athletes are picked up on time. If the time changes place added stress on your family, please let a coach know, we will do our best to accommodate. We encourage swimmers to get to bed early this week, eat plenty of healthy meals, and no snowboarding, sledding, or other bone-breaking activities!! :)


PARKING @ OAKSTONE - There is an increased presence and enforcement of the parking policies at Oakstone.  Please understand that this is part of our rental agreement to leave the parking spaces near the pool available for Oakstone use.  If athletes need to be escorted to the main lot for pick up, let a coach know, and we will gladly help to either escort them or connect them with another parent who can assist to make sure athletes are safe at all times. If there are any questions, or you need assistance with compliance, please let Coach Jim know.  

SICKNESS - The flu season is upon us, and this season seems to be more contagious than others.  Please make sure that you stay home while you have any symptoms such as fever, throwing up, or digestive problems so we don't spread germs.   If you are sick, a night of rest and recovery will be far more beneficial than another swim practice! 

The Annual WAC Swimmer Recognition Banquet will be held March 17th .  If you would like to help the coordinator for this event, Heather Dardinger, with any of the numerous details that go into planning this event, please contact Coach Jim.

Group-Specific Notes:

High School/Senior : Please continue to follow the taper schedule that Jim sent out seperately as you continue to prepare for the various championship meets.


Gold 2 : Taper group will be finishing up earlier this week.  Non-taper group, you will likely not be done right at the earlier finish time.  We will try to wrap up as close to possible for carpooling purposes.


Gold 1 :  Congratulations to our G1 swimmers who attempted (and crushed!) new base times this past week in our final test set of the short course season! We are doing a great job being intentional with our practices, and I am very excited to see what we bring to Regionals next weekend. Many of our swimmers are taking on new and challenging events at Regionals, and I am very confident that everyone is going to have some great swims!

Please make note of the schedule changes this week: Monday and Tuesday practices are at JC 7-8:30pm (ending early). Thursday will be at JC 7-8:15. It is crucial that everyone attend practices through this week as we prepare for the big weekend ahead. As always, please reach out with questions at any time! -Coach Matt ( mphillips@wacswim.net )


Silver 2 :  Your practice schedule is very similar to last week; you will practice Monday & Tuesday 7-8:30pm, and Thursday 7-8:15pm, all at Oakstone.


Silver 1 :  Your practice schedule is very similar to last week; you will practice Monday & Tuesday 7-8:30pm, and Thursday 7-8:15pm, all at Oakstone.


Bronze 2 : Swimmers 9 & older, your practice schedule is very similar to last week; you will practice Monday & Tuesday 7-8:30pm, and Thursday 7-8:15pm, all at Oakstone. Swimmers 8 & under, please follow the MiniSquad schedule below.


Bronze 1 : Thanks to all of our B1 swimmers for welcoming the new members to our MiniSquad! Your practice schedule is staying the same this week; you will practice Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday 6-7pm at Oakstone.

MiniSquad Group - Thanks to all of our new swimmers for such a fun first week with WAC’s biggest MiniSquad ever!! We are so excited to have you all with us and we are looking forward to the next few weeks. The MiniSquad will train this week on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6-7pm at Oakstone. If you have any questions, please reach out at any time