BASH Teddy Bear Meet Report


BASH Teddy Bear Invitational - Meet Report

Our SPY Athletes achieved  77 lifetime best.   

2 NEW SPLASHES which our new or legally swam events for the first time

SPY Kids seem to thrive on this is amazing what the Power of the Teddy Bear can be to win a heat. ZOOM! Our 8 & Unders swimmers were like Teddy Bear Super Heroes it up.

You have to love Reed Wilson's comment to Coach Mickey on Friday, "People Keep giving me these Teddy Bears after I swim!" Coach Mickey explained that he won his heats, yet most impressive was his Lifetime Best Swims. Definitely Break Out Meet Swimmers would be Will Howard age 8 and Mson Carroll age 11 who just kept bringing it on and on!

At BASH Meet & CM TYR Winter Meet, coaches, some SPY swimmers, & families learned about the Countryside Y's 11 year old swimmer Emma Palmer who bcame parlayzed due to brain bleed at her swim practice. So, Swim Community has come together to offer support and prayers. At moment like this one makes us realize how preciuos life is. Our swimmers have been sending prayers too. KIDS Care about KIDS... #swimForEmma

yesBIGGEST LOSERS of our Meet...smiley

Kids who LOST seconds off their previous lifetime best times 

Highlighting mega-time drops over 3 seconds or more

   Mason Carroll  27.48 Seconds     Ruby Clark 3.78 Seconds

   Delaney Conkel 11.95 seconds    Ian Conkel 3.31 seconds

  Lola Derr 3.73 Seconds               Cooper Edwards 14.24 Seconds

  Grayden Edwards 9.71 seconds.   Alaina Griffith 7.28 seconds

  Will Howard 32.30 seconds.        Ethan Keyes 25.44 seconds

  Emilee Lough 4.69 seconds.        Marley Milam 5.37 seconds

  Nathan Pinson 4.97 seconds.      Ivee Rastatter 19.32 seconds

  Elaina Rockwell 9.65 seconds.      Emmie Scribben 8.38 seconds

  Allie Stuckey 7.27 seconds.         Reed Wilson 5.17 seconds                              

heartLifetime Best Percentage: 50 % or Higher

Joey Brumfield 66%.            Mason Carroll 83%          Delaney Conkel 83%

Lola Derr 66%.                     Grayden Edwards 66%.  Alaina Griffith 50%

Elizabeth Hill 66%.               Will Howard 50%             Ethan Keyes 80%

Aubrey Lee 66%.                Marley Milam 100%         Nathan Pinson 50%

Ivee Rastatter 100%          Elaina Rockwell 50%.         Emmie Scribben 100%

Allie Stuckey 60%              Wilson Reed 100%             Griffin Young 60%


  smiley Our Team’s Age Group Top High Point Swimmers:

6 and Under Group:

  • Girls- Ellen Hill
  • Boys- Copper Edwards 

7 & 8 year old Group;

  • Girls- Elizabeth Hill 
  • Boys- Joey Brumfield

9 & 10 year old Group:

  • Boys- Ian Conkel

11 & 12 year old Group:

  • Girls-  Emmie Scribben
  • Boys-

yesSPY's TOP 10 Swimmers Scoring at this Meet :

  1. Lola Derr 70 points
  2. Ellen Hill & Cooper Edwards> both scored 24 points
  3. Joey Brumfield 20 points
  4. Griffin Young 16 points
  5. Elizabeth Hill & Madison Lee > both scored 15 points
  6. Emmie Scribben 14 points
  7. Hannah Howard & Aubrey Conkel> both scored 12 points
  8. Madix Milam & Finnigan Wilson> both scored 11 points
  9. Alyss Shaffer 10 points
  10. Will Howard 7 points

9 and Older WEEKEND WARRIORS: Athletes swimming both Days (Saturday & Sunday)

  • Lola Derr
  • Emily Bennett
  • Mason Carroll
  • Aubrey Clark
  • Ruby Clark
  • Aubrey Conkel
  • Delaney Conkel
  • Ian Conkel
  • Brooklyn Dixon
  • Grayden Edwards
  • Alaina Griffith
  • Ethan Keyes
  • Nathan Pinson
  • Ivee Rastatter
  • Elain Rockwell
  • Evan Spence

heart 8 & Under Weekend Warriors swimming both days (Friday & Saturday)

  • Olympia Derr
  • Cooper Edwards
  • Will Howard
  • Allie Stuckey