Piranhas host a great winter whiteout!

Well our meet name "Winter Whiteout" held true to form. We hosted another fantastic meet over the weekend!  It went smoothly, great timelines, and fast swims.  

Our athletes were amazing in the pool.  Almost every athlete walked away with as least two best times in fact, we had 238 Best Times, a ton of new MRC times, and a lot of first time swims!  On top of those already great stats, our athletes were cheering and having a great time outside of the pool. 

A big congrats to the following athletes who swam in their very first meet!

Isabelle Davila-Simeone

Michelle Downing

Fiona Krueger

Murphy Kujowski

Harper Morey

Isis Pichler

Layla Pichler

Great job to all Piranhas!

I want to take a minute to thank all our volunteers and officials.  It is awesome to see some new Piranha officials!  A huge shout out to the following volunteers/officials for being there every session and/or for their pre-meet work.  We honestly couldn’t host meets like this without your volunteerism!

Tom Bose

Amy Cook

Mike Burkstrand

Jamie Moreen

Rachel Dolan

Thank you to everyone who volunteered!