Hampton Dolphins Mini Meet Champs / Distance Meet Warm up times

Hampton Dolphins Mini Meet Champs / Distance Meet

  Warm up times 

February 15-16, 2020





February 15-16, 2020

Saturday & Sunday 

AM Sessions 

8 and Unders 

Be there at 7:30 am 

Meet Starts at 8:35 am

Coach Kristin & Renee will be there.

Saturday & Sunday 

PM Sessions 


Be there at 11:45 am

Meet Starts at 1:05 pm 

There may be additional warm up within the session, as needed.



Meet Invite 


Meet Entries 


We have Relays!

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Best Times Tour!

* No Tech Suits 


*Wear Racer X Apparel

*No Texting or social media on phones.

*Yes you can listen to music.

*All swimmers required to wear running shoes and socks.

*Bring good attitudes and smiles.

* Bring Snacks and Hydration.


* Bring your jump ropes.

We put the work in let’s kick some!


Any Questions 

Email jjskirboll@gmail.com

Text/Call Jim 412 287 - 8818