Last Chance Meet information

Happy Valentines Day!

First, I hope that the kids have enjoyed the change of pace for the week. We have been working on speed. I am sure that they have come home tired and we have some sore legs this week. Tonight, we are going to work on some more speed pacing, but for some of the other strokes, not just freestyle. I want them to go into this meet prepared to swim fast. Then, once they have found their speed, they can go into regionals a bit more rested and hopefully swimming at their best all season... that is the plan- fingers crossed.

Meet Information: 

At the moment, they do not have the heat sheets completed. But, I did have two swimmers that wanted to be added after I had submitted it (whom emailed me earlier..), so I look forward to getting those swimmers seeded before tomorrow morning, which is great news! If your child is ill and running a temperature today, and will not be there tomorrow, let me know so that I can get that swimmer scratched. Also, please email me if your child is ill tomorrow. I will miss them but they need to rest if sick and I want to keep it from passing around more than it already is.

We need to be there for warmups at 7:00 am. We will do a short  WATS (warmup to swim) and be in the water at 7:20 am.

We need to provide 2 timers. I really appreciate the parents working together to get that covered. Please rotate out as needed. Timers meeting is at 8:00 near the doors.

The Meet should start at 8:20.

There will be a cash only concessions. 

Crash area will be in the gym across from the pool.

I do not have a timeline. I think it should move quick, but there are a lot of swimmers. I am thinking we will be done about 2-3ish.... If you have plans and need to leave early, please let me know.