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Seeking Junior Assistant Coach (JAC) Applications

Junior Assistant Coach “In-Training” Vacancy Announcement - 

Developmental Position


The Meadowbrook Woods MAKOS, a member of the Prince William Swim League, is seeking expressions of interest for Junior Assistant Coaches (JAC) for the 2020 swim season and for our off-season program (September 2020 - May 2021.)  Ideal candidates must have a love for swimming and being a role model to younger swimmers in and out of the water.  A limited number of positions are available and some candidates may be selected for only one program depending on need.  Selected candidates will learn through experience how to perform as a Junior Assistant Coach, and develop critical coaching and leadership skills.


Applicants must be at least 16 years old (as of May 31, 2020,) be registered as a swimmer and an active member of the MAKOS   Swim Team.  Previous MAKOS coaching experience is desired, but not required.  Candidates must be able to pass CPR certification.  Application deadline is Friday, April 3, 2020.  Applicants for only our winter program must be 16 by September 1. 2020.    


Applicants may apply by submitting (via email) a cover letter which provides their name, email and phone contact information, and a summary of their respective qualifications to:  MAKOS BOD President, Eileen Rehrig at  Please specify your interest in SUMMER OR WINTER PROGRAM OR BOTH.  The Makos Board of Directors and Head Coach reserve the right to interview prospective candidates and determine final selections.  


All JAC’s are supervised by the Head Coach and have a variety of duties.  Roles and responsibilities include (but are not limited to):




  • Must demonstrate desire and ability to learn key coaching skills
  • Must demonstrate proficiency in all 4 swim strokes
  • Must demonstrate a desire to help and mentor young kids
  • Must demonstrate the attitude and maturity to command the respect of other swimmers
  • Desire opportunity to gain coaching experience necessary for higher level coaching position
  • Must be an ACTIVE member of the Swim Team (i.e., attending your own practice and swimming in meets)
  • Assist the Head and Assistant Coaches, and swim team President and Board in leading the year-end awards ceremony
  • Participate and help lead the conduct and/or coordination of the swim team related (social and service) activities


Swim Practices

  • MANDATORY 100 percent attendance
  • Arrive at practice as assigned by the head coach
  • Prepare lane lines, kickboards, flags, etc.
  • Follow Head Coach’s plan for swim practice
  • Instruct children on proper stroke technique
  • Be a positive role model for other swimmers
  • Provide positive feedback/encouragement to all swimmers
  • Coach in a manner that encourages fun and safely at all times and in all situations
  • Ensure all swimmers receive equal attention



Swim Meets (for those selected for the summer program)

  • Ensure all swimmers conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the mission statement of the Meadowbrook Woods Swim Team
  • Assist Head Coach as needed
  • Provide general support of athletes and coaches
  • Prepare children for warm-up and aid swimmers in race preparation (i.e., cap, goggles, etc.)
  • As directed by the head coach, contribute to seeing that all swimmers are recognized and rewarded for individual and team performance after each swim meet