Winner of Lidia Cup is Dynamo at the 21st Annual Invitational 16th Feb


Burnaby Dynamo Swim Club hosted the 21st Annual Invitational in Richmond at Watermania pool last Sunday 16th February, 2020 
There were 4 teams racing in this competition ; Whistler Seawolves , Swim Faster Club, Whinskill Dolphin and Dynamo Swim Club to win Lidia Trophy for Team Spirit.
The winner of the Lidia Trophy this year was Dynamo Swim Team. Congratulations !
Dynamo swimmer won 15 gold ,13 silver, 11 bronze medals.
Champions are:
Arthur Chen 10
Isabella Chan 11
Valentin Glivenko 11
Gwen Holdo 13
Owen Holdo 11
Devin Lai 8
Shaina Rajwani 14
Sasha Petrova Marten 10
Anna Wu 8
Congratulations to all swimmers coaches and parents ! 
Lidia Menzies
Director of Swimming