quick news... more tomorrow!

Good evening parents!

If you don't read any further - please note that the practice schedule has changed and there are NO MORE GOLD/SILVER/BRONZE practices until April 13th.  If you show up to your regular practice time/location, you will be disappointed.

Back to regularly written e.mail....

It's been a very long weekend of awesomeness - too many great things to report quickly, but most of our athletes finished with a bang this past weekend with Regionals! A more complete meet wrap up (brag e.mail!) is forethcoming.  Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to make the meet run smoothly.  Times have been uploaded to the WAC website so your On Deck app should have updated times if you are looking for those. 

Practices moving forward are completely optional for athletes who are finished with their competition season - the spring session is included in what you have signed up for already.  So, if you don't get invited to the Junior Olympic Group, and you aren't in the Mini-Squad for 8&unders, then your 'regular' group practices will pick back up April 13th and run through the end of May.  Starting immediately, THERE ARE NO MORE REGULAR GOLD 1/2, SILVER 1/2, or BRONZE 1/2 Practices until April 13th.  If you show up to your regular practice time/location, your friends won't be there. 

Between now and the JO meet, athletes who aren't training in the JO Group or the MiniSquad are able to attend a series of stroke clinics offered on weeknights.   These clinics will be a combination of all ages/abilities and will focus on stroke refinement and only skill development.   This weeks clinics are Thursday 7-8:30P (youngest athletes will be done at 8) at Oakstone, and Saturday 8-9:30A @ Oakstone.  The Schedule for these clinics is included on the Championship Schedule (Schedule and Fees Tab, drop down Menu) or click here:


Mini Squad - you continue with your schedule as published.  Note that this week is weird because we had to cancel Monday - we'll practice Tuesday and Thursday 6-7 @ OAK, and Wednesday 6-7 @ JC.  Entries are due soon for the Mini Meet, so there will be a flurry of activity for that.  Seperate e.mail will come this week.

JO Group - JO Qualifiers will be announced tomorrow, I'm still sorting out relays and trying to maximize the number of athletes we can bring with us!  Tomorrow's (Tuesday) practice is only for athletes who didn't swim a full meet at Regionals - So Brenna, Madelyn, Roan, and Jessica... I would like you to get a practice in, let's meet at Oakstone tomorrow night at 7 PM (this is different than published schedule....).  Everyone else, rest and recover and be ready for Wednesday start as published.

Time Trial Meet - athletes who "just missed" their cuts may be eligible to go to the time trial meet on Wednesday night in Upper Arlington (5:15 warm up).  If your swimmer thinks they had more speed, please send me an e.mail ASAP to let me know of your interest in attending.  Times must be within 0.5 seconds per 50 of the JO Time to be eligible. Our success rate is not very high for the time trials - so your athlete has to be pretty convinced that they will be successsful.  Entries are due on Tuesday.

That's all for tonight - if you have any questions, please reach out.