Weekly News: Details for Splash Fun Meet Replacement

Hello all Panther Swimmers, 

We have now put together the finishing touches on our replacement fun meet for our Splash Weekend. On Saturday, March 7th we will have a half day fun meet that will include the following: 

ISB Team will be split into four teams with its own 3 person coaching team. All teams will be put together evenly and with swimmers from all ages and abilities. We will have some kind of uniform for each team (hat, bandana etc). 

The schedule for the day will go as follows: 

9:00 regular meet starts (choose events from website entry)

11:00 Team Relays

11:30 Team Dodge Ball game

12:00 Team Pasta Lunch

For us to pick teams and order "uniforms" for all swimmmers wanting to participate. We will need everyone to sign up for this meet before Feb 26th. I know this is in the middle of the school break, but it gives you a week to decide. 

It will be a ton of fun in a time that all of our activities are getting canceled, so sign up today! 

Thanks for all of the volunteers that have filled the positions needed for this meet. You Rock!

Can't wait for this day!

Coach Day