ABE - TYO Flight Status Report

ABE – TYO Flight Status Report

  • We have now traveled 6177 miles.  Only 530 miles left!!!
  • Phil Grycel, Ridley Hartman, Graham Lovett, Brooke Marasco, Seoryung Park, Elizabeth Bowen, and Claire Park all swam 100% fastest times at Duck Hunt’n Derby
  • EMAC is now up to 68 swimmers who have attained an IMX Score.  Each one will be recognized at our banquet.
  • EMAC is also up to 14 swimmers who have achieved the EMACulate Swimmer award.  That is just OUTSTANDING!!!!
  • For the year, EMAC has posted 3249 fastest times, which is almost 300 more fastest times than all of last year including Champs. 
  • Click HERE for results and standards achieved from Duck Hunt’n Derby
  • Click HERE for results and standards achieved from Mini Derby
  • Click HERE for results and standards achieved from Last Chance

Please note that we will have a party for the swimmers when we hit 6707 Miles, the distance from ABE - TYO!!!  So that we can maximize attendance and minimize champs preparation interference, we will announce the date of the party well in advance so that parents and swimmers can plan on being there!  This may require us to schedule in early April so to avoid elminating a practice for those preparing for a champs meet.   We are excited to share our plans to celebrate our team's accomplishment of this goal...keep swimming fast...which champs meet is going to be the one to get us over the hump???

Our regular season is complete, and we are turning our attention to Champs season.  Here are a few important notes:

  1.  Please review the entries for Champs.  We want all swimmers to go to practice fully aware of the events for which they are preparing.  There literally is no better way to demonstrate a lack of preparedness than for a swimmer to walk onto the deck at champs and ask what they are swimming.  It happens….too frequently!!!
  2. We have a healthy roster for our champs meets.   We are co-hosting MA Mini Champs with BLUE and we have 13 swimmers compared to 10 last year.  For the first time in a long time, we have boys and girls 11-12 relays at Jos.  We have 67 swimmers headed to Bronze compared to 62 last season.  We are taking 84 swimmers to Silvers, compared to 85 last season.  Rested and Ready will have 41 EMAC swimmers compared to 18 last year.   Our Senior Champs registration is open through March 8, and we are expecting a full roster there as well.
  3. Champs season kicked off last weekend with the “Last Chance” meet for area HS Swimmers.  EMAC swimmers did a great job of creating positive vibes by swimming incredibly fast.  If those swims are a sign of things to come, look out!!!!

Keep climbing toward MARCH...we are almost there!!!!