2020 Spring Information: Message From Coach Doug

Hello EMAC

Contained in this email you will find important information on the following topics:

  • 2020 Spring Program Information
  • Spring Program Information Meeting
  • LC Meet Registration
  • Importance of SCY Champs and Long Course Swimming
  • CEO Message Regarding Programming


Our 2020 Spring information can be found HERE

We have put a great deal of effort into enhancing our programming for Spring/Summer 2020.  Please review the 2020 Spring/Summer Program Info and come to our meeting on Feb 20th prepared to follow up on any questions you may have. 

Here are a few highlights:

  • Three levels of Killerbees to give all swimmers in the group a pathway to reach their goals
  • Bee/Wasp Long Course Group – for all swimmers in those groups committing to LC
  • Summer League AdvantEDGE Clinic – for swimmers who want to start preparing for summer league swimming.  No USA Swimming membership required for this group…tell your summer league friends!!!
  • Triathlon – going to a whole new level with our Triathlon Group!
  • Bumblebee – Coach Jason wants to focus on keeping his swimmers on track for a great summer!
  • Long/Course Triathlon Fusion – we believe swimmers can and should do both LC and Tri.  Giving up one for the other reduces the opportunities for growth that we are seeking for our athletes. 
  • Matt Beckwith will be joining our staff to offer more for those swimmers who are seeking EXCELlence in the pool!!!

We will be posting flyers for our Long Course/Triathlon Fusion and Summer League AdvantEDGE Clinics.  We need your help to share and spread the word via social media. 

Follow us @EMAC_Swim on Twitter or Emmaus Aquatic Club on Facebook to help spread the word. 


At 6:00 pm on Thursday, Feb 20th, we will have a meeting to go over our new and exciting programming options.   It is imperative for parents AND athletes to attend so that everyone is hearing the same message and so that you can ask clarifying quesitons.


The following LC meets are listed on our website:

  • GPAC LC Derby:   May 2 and 3
  • Keystone Aquatics LC:  May 29,-31
  • Long Course Classic:  June 11-14

We intend on sending a first file on midnight of March 1 for these meets.  LC Meets fill up quickly and we don not want to risk not getting into these meets.  Swimmers that commit to these meets after our Feb 28 deadlines may not get into the meets.  

Please go online now to commit your swimmers if you know they will be attending.  The meet events files have not been released yet for GPAC or Keystone meets.  Therefore, you will commit to those meets with a YES/NO.  The meet events have been released for the Long Course Classic.  Please commit as usual to that meet.  


Competing in SCY Champs and Long Course is vital for the development of a swimmer. 

In studying the top swimmers in PIAA (these swimmers also happen to be the top swimmers in USA Swimming) we found two trends that we need to change if we are going to get back to being a USA Team that systematically produces National Level swimmers AND a High School Team that systematically wins State Championships. 

First, our swimmers have not been attending USA Swimming Champs Meets in March at the same rate as those who rank in the top-5 at PIAA States. 

Second, our swimmers have not been participating in LC Meets at the same rate as those who rank in the top-5 at PIAA States.  See the chart below.


AVG Ttoal Meets From 2016-2019

PIAA Top-5 Girls

Most of PIAA Girls Top-5

PIAA Girls Champions

EMAC Girls Champs Team

EMAC Boys Champs Team

ANSC Boys PIAA Swimmers

USA SCY Champs







LC Meets








Click HERE for the SCY Meets (2016-2019) attended by girls who placed Top-5 at 2019 PIAA AAA States.

  • Note that all the yellow meets are USA Champs Meets

Click HERE for the LCM Meets (2016-2019) attended by girls who placed Top-5 at 2019 PIAA AAA States.

  • Note that highlighted meets indicate meets attended prior to June

Click HERE to for the LCM Meets (2016-2019) attended by 13 ANHS 2019 PIAA States Team

  • Note that highlighted meets indicate meets attended prior to June
  • Note that Allegheny North was the Boys PIAA State Champion in 2019
  • Also note the number of swimmers who competed in Bronze and Silver Champs as part of their development.  

The best swimmers in PIAA/USA Swimming take advantage of the Spring and the Long Course Season in an effort to gain the experience and training that will give them the edge over their competition.   They frequently attend multiple USA Meets after their high school season is over, and they spend time seeking higher levels of USA Swimming competition during the spring and summer.  For a good part of the last 10 years, EMAC swimmers have been far less committed to chasing excellence in the pool relative to the best of our competition. The first step back to the top for EMAC and Emmaus HS is to change that!!!


Though not all our members have the ability and/or desire to be an All-American Swimmer, we have the ability and desire to serve all our members.  Therefore we offer a diversity of programming.  While you are considering the different options within EMAC, please note that the goals of the athletes should be the driving force.  If your swimmer’s goal is to be a district champion, they will likely have to sacrifice other sports and/or activities.  If your swimmer’s goal is to be a USA Swimming Jr National Qualifier and HS All-American, they will have to sacrifice other sports and/or activities.

For starters: if your swimmer has big swimming goals or may develop them in the future, review the above links to reveal what the best swimmers and teams are doing.  Then find a way to participate in our Champs and LC Seasons!!!