SHAC Grabs 2nd at Gulf Champs!!

SHAC Grabs 2nd at Gulf Champs!!


Team ShAC took second place overall at the Gulf Champs meet. The women combined to win the high point trophy by 150 points! The men collaborated to grab 4th place overall.  On top of that there were a bunch of high point winners, high point runner ups, and swimmers racking up loads of points for the team. It's not just about points, there were super efforts, great swims, and a ton of best times - 165!!! Looks like practice is paying off!


Just a few highlights of the meet:

  • TyAmber Amadi captured the 13-14 high point trophy, winning the 200 breast, grabbing 2nd in the 100 back, and 200 IM
  • Cadence Johnson seized high point honors for the 9-10 girls with 5 best times, and victories in the 100 breast, fly and IM and 50 fly and breast
  • Everett Cox blasted his way to victories in the 50 and 100 free, and big improvements in the 500 free, 100 fly and 200 free earning him 13 -14 high point honors!
  • Ava Valchar - 11-12 runner up in the girls high point race! Ava hit 6 best times and won both the 200 free (TAGS Time) and fly. She was an integral part of 2 winning relays and both achieving TAGS Time Standards
  • Christian Georgi earned runner up high point honors with inspiring swims and victories in the 100&200 breast events and the 400 IM with a 12 sec drop!
  • Gianna Riffel - sped to 3 best times placed 2nd in 3 events and was on 2 winning relays! Achieved a TAGS Time in the 100 BR
  • George Kurka was awesome with 5 best times in the 200 free, 50 fly & Back, and 100 fly & IM
  • Holly Finley sped to a victory in the 200 breast and was a huge factor in both winning relays
  • Faith King was on fire as 13-14 high point runner up,  with victories in the 200 free 200 & 400 IM, and 200 fly.
  • Painter Reese sizzled winning the 200 back and placed and improved in 6 events!
  • Natalie Freimanis has a fantastic meet with 100% best times winning the 500 free and 100 fly
  • Emily Ford blazed to 4 best times winning the 50 free and was second in both the 100 breast and free
  • Katie Herbst crushed the competition taking 2nd in the 1000 free and placing in the 500 & 200 free.
  • Lucie Frick was incredible with 3 best times in the 100 breast, 100 fly, and 200 IM
  • Andrew Ma opened the competitions eyes with 3 best times in 100 IM, 200 & 50 breast!
  • Vivian Ma was unbelievable in the 100 back dropping a whopping 3 seconds.
  • Grace Herbst was big time with 5 best times and huge drops in the 500 free and 100 IM and back
  • Paris Powers was startling placing in the 100 breast and 50 free and a best time in the 200 free
  • Tammie Ma exploded to super swims placing in the 200 breast and 200 fly
  • Aiden Grabein excelled with top notch finishes winning the 1000 free and placing in th 500 & 200 free, he was a big part of both winning relays
  • Skylar Redmon was amazing with 3 best times in the 100 IM, 50 back and 200 IM
  • Liam Rosanes was pretty pleased with his 100% best times and huge drops in the 100 breast, IM, and free
  • Hannah Rosanes was a best time beast nailing the 200 free, 50 free, 200 breast and IM
  • Jonathan Schutz displayed his awesomeness with 2 best times in the 100 & 1000 free!
  • Adebola Iyiola crushed her best times in the 500, 200 and 100 free - great job!
  • Laura St John gave awesome efforts in the 100 IM 100 breast, and 100 back. She was tough in all the 50s
  • Emily Herbst was marvelous with best times in the 100 free and back
  • FJ Mitchell dove to new heights with a best time in the 100 back placing 4th, and was a member to the 200 free winning relay
  • Colton Beckett showed his swiftness with 100% best times, placing in 3 events - 4th in the 100 fly
  • Gideon Swan overpowered the group with a best in the 100 fly and placing in 7 events!!
  • Bella Cardenas rock the house with 100% best times leading off the medley relay with a TAGS time, placing in all events - 3rd in the 100 IM, and 4th in the 500, 50 free, 50&100 back, 50 fly and 50 breast
  • Kaydyn Bright churned up the waters with 5 best times placing in 6 events her best - 3rd in the 200 breast, 4th 50 breast, and 100 fly
  • Olivia Ceraudo sped to a best time in the 50 free but was right at all her best times in all events. Olivia was a vital part of both B relays.
  • Conner Prejean showed his worth with 2 best times in the 200 free and 100 breast improving 17 seconds!
  • Savanna Ceraudo exploded her way to 3 best times - 50 free, 50 fly and 100 free. Savanna was a crucial part of the B relay teams
  • Tallis Stapleton got down to business in the time trials with  best times in the 50 free and 100 breast
  • Michelle Chen shocked the crowd with 5 best times placing 4th in the 200 back, dropping 3 in the 100 back
  • Max Fertman nailed the field with  5 best times and earned point for the team in the 100&200 free
  • Isaac Prescod was stunning with 4 for in the best time area, and placing in the 100 breast & 200 IM
  • Jayde Morgan was dangerous placing in 4 events - her best was second in the 50 breast! Also did her personal best in the 50 FR time trial to improve the 10&Under Girls time aggregate to earn their 200 FR TAGS Relay.
  • Eilene Lau dazzled the bystanders with 4 best times placing in both the 100 & 50 breast, and both relays
  • Samuel Milinski crushed 2 best times in the 200 free dropping 12 sec, and 200 back
  • Christina Lau took the spotlight with 4 best times - 100IM & fly, 50 back and 200 breast.
  • Charlee McEvoy was overwhelming with 5 best times, placing in the 500 free 100 & 50 breast, 200 IM, and both 100 & 50 back events (A Time).
  • Eloise Large was stupendous with 3 best times in the 200 IM, 200 breast and 100 free!
  • Sofia Blanco sped to 4 best time dropping 3 sec in both the 100 IM and free
  • Theodore Lau went about his business with 100% best times placing in the 100 fly and both relays.
  • Kate Elgar was 2 for 3 in the improvement category, dropping 4 seconds in the 200 breast
  • Aiden Ma did a fantastic job with a best time in the 100 IM and awesome swims in the 50 fly and breast
  • Taylor Wilson cruised to best times in 3 events, the 100 breast, 100 IM and 50 breast. Taylor was tough on the medley relay


After all the hard work, you can take a quick breather, but it's time to set new goals for the long course season and evaluate your swims to see how you can get better in the future. There are always things you can work on to improve!

Awesome job!



Pros vs. Amateurs


What the difference is between a Pro and Amateur?

Amateurs are inconsistent with, attitudes, effort, and habits.

Pros are consistent with their attitude, effort, and habits.

They don't complain. They are always pushing themselves to the limit with great effort and technique.

They are always at practice! They expect success.  Failure inspires them.


Ex. Streamlining is the #1 skill that improves your swimming. Every swimmer has been taught to streamline off the wall - probably since they were 7!

An amateur is a person that is still working on it - even at the age 18. They may do it on some walls, but not all walls. They are constantly being reminded to do it practice after practice.

Watch the pros - the top swimmers in the world - They are getting every inch out of a streamline both at practice and at meets. They don't have to be told over and over.  They know that failure to perform that one little skill will squash their chances of success.

If a coach asks you to streamline - do you do it? Does it bug you that the coach is nagging at you?

Do you have to be over and over?

SHAC has several pro swimmers. Even in the younger groups. You can watch them swim and streamline off every wall. But there are some amateurs as well. Which one are you?

There are so many little skills you can do now to move in the direction of a pro. Positive attitude,  consistent effort, improved technique  - Streamline, dolphin kick, flip turns, stroke count, stroke rate.


Amateurs practice until they get it right.

Pros practice until they can’t get it wrong