LC Meet Reg Deadlines and Rising 9th Grader Message

Hello EMAC

We have two important messages to communicate:

  1. LC Meet Entry Deadlines Are Coming
  2. Rising 9th Grader Killer Bee Spring Move-ups

LC Meet Entry Deadlines Are Coming

In a previous email HERE, we outlined the importance of competing in LC meets.  The best HS and USA Swimmers use the LC season as a means to gain the advantage on their competitors.  Another way to look at?  If your competitors are enagaged more in LC than you, they are gaining the advantage on you.   With how early and short the MA LC Season is, it is imperative to get experience in May if you wish to excel in July/August.  

Remember that we have the following deadlines for commitment to the LC meets: 

  • GPAC: March 10
  • Keystone Aquatics: March 1
  • WSY/HAC Long Course Classic: March 1

Last year we had 50 swimmers compete in the GPAC meet.  We are up to 44 registered this year, and I would love to get to 60 swimmers signed up for that meet.  Additionally, we had 58 swimmers signed up for the WSY/HAC Long Course Classic, while we are already at 42 swimmers registered.  Got online and get registered ASAP as we have to have files in at midnight to secure our spot and yours!!!  

Rising 9th Grader Killer Bee Move-Ups

At our meetings last week we discussed moving some Wasps into the Killer Bee group this spring. 

Last year, we offered a few rising 9th graders the opportunity to move up to the Killer Bee Group in the Spring.  We did so under the terms that the swimmers would maintain 90% attendance and begin doing morning practices.  Those will be the terms again for swimmers who wish to move into the Killer Bee Group in the Spring.  If your rising 9th grader is ready to make that commitment, please let us know.  

It is important to note that moving forward swimmers are not entitled to move into the Killer Bee Group simply on the merits of age.  Factors involved with their placement will include but are not limited to commitment, desire/goals, swimming ability, coachability, maturity, and the ability to maintain the practice standards of the group.

We are looking forward to an awesome SCY Champs season, and our best-ever LC season.