NTS Nominations

The Governance committee for NTSI is accepting nominations for the positions up for election at the April 5th House of Delegates meeting. If you are interested in a positionor wish to nominate someone for a position please use the link to the Google Form shown at the end of this email to submit nominations for consideration by the committee. All nominations must be received onor before March 6th.  Please be aware that the specifics of the positions are under review as part of the recently approved bylaws and that there may be changes. The slate of nominees will be published within 14 days of the NTSI House of Delegates meeting.

The positions and the current job descriptions are attached to this email as well as the general duties of the board members. If you have questions you may direct them to the committee at the email addresses shown below:

Barbara Roselli (

Ted Carson (

Stephen Chase (

Steve Wood (


Nomination Form Link