2020 Fall Swim Camp


The swim camp schedules are now available; see below.

And here are the general guidelines.  A copy of the email that went out on Sunday, 6/7, is at the bottom of this page.  

Finally, please be aware that life is subject to change.  We appreciate your flexibility if we have to modify our program due to forces outside our control, including, but not limited to, The Force itself.   We will make every effort to treat you fairly if this happens.  


Hello Swim Parents!


6/7 Email. 

We are so excited to be able to start swim camp tomorrow. Given the circumstances, we’re glad to be finally getting our kids in the water for some learning, playing, and a little bit of distance socializing.  Also, a big thank you to everyone!!!!  This process was made easier by the flexibility and good attitudes of all the parents.  The Dewing Park spirt was evident during this process. 

Now for the boring but important stuff.  Please read the following email for general information about camp. 

The camp schedule is posted on the DPST website. Please check your child's assigned time and note that due to Covid guidelines there will be NO SWITCHING of camp times.

Each coach will have a roster for their group, and they will call you in case of emergencies, major or minor. PLEASE tell us if your child has any medical issues that we need to be aware of.  Allergies, Epi pens, a case of the Mondays, etc. 

Each camp session will be 45 minutes long. Please arrive on time so that the groups can enter together. Your child needs to be in line and ready to go in the pool 10 minutes before practice starts. Make sure little ones have their caps and goggles ready because coaches will not be able to adjust them. Kids should either be wearing a mask or holding a towel over their face. You will not be allowed past the gate without this. 

Please pick up your child on time. They will be dismissed by their coach, as a group, by the gate in the back next to the snack shack. Once your kid sees you, they will be dismissed. Any kids that are getting to and from the pool on their own can leave once that gate opens. Parents need to practice social distancing in the parking lot.  Tailgating is permitted, but BYOB. 

PLEASE go over common-sense social distancing etiquette with your kids before they arrive. Coaches will be there to remind them, but it would be helpful if you remind them as well. If swimmers are not able to adhere to the rules you will be called and they will be asked to leave.

Lastly, please be patient with us as this is new for all of us. If you have questions or concerns please contact the directors or Jayme.

Thank you!

DPST Management Committee