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10-U Champs

We had a great 10-Under Champs Meet in Springfield last weekend. The swimmers all had a lot of fun and we had some great results too!!

Here are the swimmers who placed in the Top 8-  (State Champions in Bold)

**Naima Atay-  1st200 Free, 50 Breast, 200 IM, 100 Back, 100 Breast and 100 Free.2nd200 Free Relay, 4th200 Med Relay. **Naima won all 6 of her individual events!!

Yuyoun Choi- 2nd200 Med Relay,

Jasmine Huang- 2nd200 Free, 200 Free relay,3rd100 Back and 100 Free, 4th200 Med Relay, 7th50 Back and 100 IM

Ricky Kaneaster- 1st50 Back, 25 Back and 100 Free Relay, 2nd25 Free, 3rd50 Free, 4th100 IM.

Takeru Kodajima- 2nd200 Medley and 200 Free Relay

Will Lee- 1st100 Free, 50 Breast, 50 Free, 25 Breast, and 100 Free Relay,2nd50 Back, 4th25 Fly

Jeremy Li- 1st100 Free Relay, 8th25 Free

CiCi Li- 2nd200 Free Relay, 3rd50 Free,  4th100 Fly. 50 Back, 50 Fly and 100 IM, 5th100 Free.

Joseph Liang- 2nd100 Breast, 5th100 Fly, 7th100 IM and 100 Back.

Julia Ma- 7th200 IM, 8th50 Back

Nicholas Peng- 2nd200 Medley and Free Relays, 2nd50 Breast and 100 Breast, 3rd200 IM, 6th100 IM, 7th100 Fly

Bethan Pullan- 6th200 IM, 8th100 Fly,

Cora Shea- 2nd200 Free relay, 4th200 Medley Relay

Saranya Sistla- 4th200 Medley Relay

William Wang- 1st100 Free Relay

Thilan Wijeratne- 8th200 Free

Benji Wilkinson- 2nd200 Free Relay

Nathan Ye- 2nd200 Medley and Free relay, 4th50 Fly, 5th100 Fly, 6th100 Back and 200 IM, 7th200 Free


Some highlights of the meet….

The 10 year olds leading the team cheer both Sat and Sunday

Naima of course winning all of her events!

Ricky and Will going 1-2 in the 8-U 50 Back.

The 8-U Boys Free Relay Win to start us off on Sunday

Ricky’s 25 Back victory by 0.01 seconds

Will winning 100 Free by 0.01 seconds