Week Ahead Mar 2-15

Attached you will find this week's  Week Ahead. Please note the highlighted sections as they are changes to the outline schedule. 

Long Course (Spring/ Summer) - We will have an informational meeting on 3/13 after the intersquad meet. 

End of Short Course - For your planning purposes, the end of the Short Course season will be as follows.

  • Mini-Rays last practice on 3/18/20 (Updated)
  • All other groups through Intersquad #4 on 3/13/20
  • 13 & over State qualifiers through 3/22/20
  • ISCA Qualifiers through 3/28/20

Meet Open for Registration  

  • 12 & Under states -  This meet is for:  12 & under Qualified swimmers (Q1 times)
  • InterSquad #4 -  This meet is for: Mini-Rays, Club, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Senior. All are encouraged to attend!
  • 13 & Over State This meet is for:  Qualified swimmers (Q1 times)
  • ISCA -  This meet is for: Qualified swimmers. Email entries to Nick. 
HS/ MS times - Reminder you that certain HS/ MS times can be used to qualify for Certain USA swim meets. Please find more information and enter best times here. to avoid duplicate entries be sure you have your best times from the season before you fill out the form.