Upcoming Fitter & Faster Clinics

Swim clinics, camps and videos for competitive swimmers


Hello PVS Families!
Championship season is almost here. Soon after it ends, the up-and-coming and best swimmers will be attending Fitter and Faster camps to refine their technique and continue DROPPING TIME this summer.
Click each of the cities below for information on each curriculum and to sign up.
Sign up for individual sessions or save by signing up for bundle packages or before prices increase as the date of each camp approaches
Each of these camps will focus on enhancing/refining technique for one stroke per day.
March 28 & 29: High Performance Freestyle & Backstroke
April 18 & 19: High Performance Butterfly & Breaststroke
April 11: Get your swimmer's stroke filmed below and above water... and then, analyzed by Olympic Coach Todd Schmitz.
Each of these camps will cover one stroke over two days. Participants will work on details including technique plus strategies such as tempo and distance per stroke for racing across different distances. 
April 18 & 19: Comprehensive Backstroke Racing Camp
May 16 & 17: Comprehensive Breaststroke Racing Camp
Secure your spot now for the most comprehensive swim camp in the world taking place between June and August. Sign up for individual camps or all eight.
Swim fast and have fun at your season ending meets coming up!